Ian Callum Dishes Details on his Custom MKII

Ian Callum Dishes Details on his Custom MKII

Exciting news emerged today about a custom Jaguar MKII, but it isn’t the car that’s building anticipation. It’s the designer.

Fans of the Jaguar F-Type have one man to thank in particular: Ian Callum. Which is why it was so exciting when news of Callum’s plan to build a custom MKII emerged. Months later, the car is coming closer to being born and new details are available.

“I am not sure what people will think of the out come. I am not sure myself yet, but as a designer I must try new ideas, even on a traditional car as this. I will leave it for others to judge when the car is complete,” Callum said.

Design specifications for the car are locked in and Callum says they will include louvers on the front wings to provide better airflow to the car’s modified engine. The car will also be built to sit on par with a modern Jaguar “R” performance model, Callum said.

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His MKII will also wear less chrome than the originals, although he said it’s been difficult to decide what to cut or keep.

Callum is working with Classic Motor Cars in the U.K. on the project. It isn’t clear when the car will be finished, but don’t expect a final product soon.

“This is a project that we are not rushing,” said Nick Goldthorp, Managing Director of CMC, ”There has been a very specific design brief from Ian, and we are following that in great detail. Clearly we have to interpret the design changes to the car in minute detail, otherwise the changes that Ian is making will not work.”

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