Infiniti Electric Vehicle Delayed for Better Tech: Exec

Infiniti Electric Vehicle Delayed for Better Tech: Exec

According to Andy Palmer, head of Nissan global, the Infiniti electric vehicle has been delayed so that the Japanese automaker can incorporate more advanced charging and battery technology in the vehicle.

Palmer’s said that Infiniti is still interested in developing electric vehicles, claiming that the automaker’s heart “is still in zero emissions.” Originally scheduled to launch in 2015, a new launch date hasn’t been announced, but Palmer said the delay isn’t significant.

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At the 2012 New York Auto Show, Infiniti previewed its electric vehicle in the LE Concept, though further advancements have been made in the last year. Infiniti plans to use new lithium-ion battery technology and according to Palmer, is so good that it alone is worth the car’s delay. The better batteries will not only provide increase range on the EV, but will come at a lower price.

Skeptics believed that Nissan and Infiniti were losing interest in electric vehicles, giving the Leaf’s failure to hit its sales goal last year. It has however, improved thanks to a price cut and improvements for the 2013 model year.

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