Infiniti Q50 Will Greet the Driver with Personalized Photos

Infiniti Q50 Will Greet the Driver with Personalized Photos

The 2014 Infiniti Q50 won’t just bring a new generation of aggressive styling and performance to the Japanese automaker’s lineup, but will raise the bar in terms of personal luxury within the segment.

Equipped with the intelligent i-Key, Infiniti’s newest feature is called “My car knows me” and will have the Q50 remembering everything about the driver from seating position, cabin temperatures, routes home, to even displaying photos of friends and family on one of the car’s dual touch-screens. Each of the two i-Keys supplied with each vehicle will store personal settings for two different drivers. The data is saved automatically and can be updated through the vehicle’s touch screen with the ability to store up to 16 photographs.

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Memory functions will vary between countries and Q50 models, but for the most part, the Q50 will at the very least remember each driver’s seating position and steering wheel preferences just by carrying the key. In total, there are 96 selectable settings across 10 functions, allowing the driver to optimally sync their experience to the vehicle.

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