Jeep Cherokee Electronic Issue Delays Media Preview

Jeep Cherokee Electronic Issue Delays Media Preview

Chrysler has postponed the media preview for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee due to an electronic issue controlling the engine and the nine-speed transmission, the American automaker has said.

The Detroit automaker announced that it would reschedule its media preview, which was originally meant to begin this Sunday, but that production continues. Cherokees are still expected to begin arriving at dealers this September.

“Over the last couple of weeks during final quality and durability testing, we have discovered the opportunity to further improve powertrain calibration in the Jeep Cherokee,” Chrysler said in a statement. “We will introduce the vehicle to media and consumers as soon as that process is complete.”

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A smooth launch will be important to Chrysler after the company’s Dodge Dart compact sedan got off to a rocky start. A delayed product rollout that left early buyers unable to purchase an automatic transmission hurt sales, and the Cherokee will play an important role in the company’s ability to boost profits.

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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  • Gerard

    I’ve got a 2012 Chrysler 200 Limited with several quality problems. So far, 11 days in the shop for bubbling paint, a bad water pump, a failed ABS unit and a mystery “thunk” in the front end at low speeds. Wondering how Doug Betts (Chrysler’s “Quality” chief) gets any sleep. He must be thinking, “I should have stayed with Nissan and Toyota” (his former employers). I am trying to swap the car for something different but working with the dealer and Chrysler HQ is like being caught in the middle of a never ending ping pong match.

  • Honest Abe

    He probably sleeps quite nicely on a big pile of money.