Jeep Sub-Compact Crossover Coming in 2014

Jeep Sub-Compact Crossover Coming in 2014

Jeep plans to sell a sub-compact crossover in 2014 that will be about the same size as a Ford Fiesta.

“The weight of that market today is outside North America, predominately Europe,” Manley told Edmunds. “It is growing in China. I think when we launch our SUV here, you are going to see quite significant growth in that segment in the U.S.”

Ford recently outlined its plan for its Fiesta-based EcoSport sub-compact crossover, which is built in Brazil. It will be at the center of a massive global push by the brand that, for now, ignores North America. After its Announcement, Ford said it is considering offering the EcoSport in North America.

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General Motors already sells a sub-compact crossover: the Buick Encore. Sales started this year, and GM also sells the more spartan Chevrolet version in Canada called the Trax.

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In Jeep’s case, the car will be built on a front-drive Fiat platform other than the architecture used for both the Dodge Dart and Jeep Cherokee. This will be the second Fiat-underpinned vehicle for the Jeep brand.

Expect the unnamed crossover to be much smaller than the Cherokee as well. Manley told Edmunds that it measures 165 inches long compared to the Cherokee, which is 181 inches long.

He didn’t reveal which engine the small utility vehicle will use, but said diesel options for Europe will not carry over to the U.S.

[Source: Edmunds]

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  • George Worshington

    The late, great Cherokee XJ was 165.3″ long.

  • Guest

    They’re referring to the upcoming rediculous & ugly as all get out 2014 Cherokee which will be replacing the Liberty. It is indeed 181 in.

  • Slash3

    It’ll be a redesigned Fiat Panda 4×4, but with a slightly bigger engine and much worse fuel economy than the EU version.

  • Built not bought

    I am blessed to have a 2k xj in the garage……. JEEP, get the real ones before there gone! When are they going to roll out the jeep aveo…….

  • Dan

    Have seen quire a few of these driving around where I live with mfg. plates on them. About the same size and look of the compass. I thought is was going to be the next compass warmed over rollout. Yawn….

  • BadThad

    The press was completely fooled. They led us to believe the pictured vehicle was to be the 2014 USA Grand Cherokee, it is NOT.

  • J-RO

    The xj is dead. That things is not a cherokee. I’m not sure who neutered jeep but I intend on not buying a jeep on purpose. My 96 xj is a tank. I will never get rid of it.

  • fiero128

    I want to see what happens to the new Jeep after 100,000 Km

  • fiero128

    Just Eats Every Part


    I’d like to one of those show up for the next Jeep Jamboree. Sounds like a total joke for the Jeep brand.

  • Grammar Nazi


  • LanceM