Larger Cadillac Sedan Confirmed by General Motors CEO

Larger Cadillac Sedan Confirmed by General Motors CEO

Within the next two years, Cadillac will launch a model larger than its XTS sedan according to General Motors CEO Dan Akerson.

Currently, the XTS (pictured above) is the largest model the American automaker has in its lineup, but with its success along with the ATS’ success, it’s no surprise that Cadillac is planning to go larger to compete with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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The only question Cadillac has right now is whether to spawn variants from the new, larger sedan models such as a sleek coupe. Mercedes will be introducing a new S-Class coupe in the near future. Though details are light about the new model, it will be built on a rear-wheel-drive chassis loosely based on the CTS. All-wheel drive will be offered as an option and it will not be based on any of the Australian Holden vehicles.

[Source: USA Today]

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  • Mrdubious

    Well let’s see some pics!

  • ragemanchoo

    How about they go back to giving their cars actual names rather than DHF SHV ODFNB SLFN abbreviations?

  • raul

    i am 6 ft , 250 lbs, I couldn’t fit in the xts. put the gears back on the steering column and give me my right knee room back like I have in my 2007 dts.. if caddy doesn’t change, ill be forced to get a pickup truck.

  • Zanzibar Jose

    yep, them and Lincoln also. How am I supposed to know what CTS, ATS, XTS is? Same with MKZ, MKT, MKS, MKX? Whats wrong with names?

  • Hawt Shiz

    Get an Escalade pickup!

  • Alfie

    AMEN! It would be nice to see that again. Caddy always had some awesome names!

  • Randall N’ Julie Shanks

    I hope this is true. I also hope that Caddy builds a Bentley/RR competitor. Those two companies make the only traditional full-size cars left in the world, but their price is way beyond the hope of the normal citizen. And DON’T make it a Buick knock-off…

    Ditto the names. Why must we deal with all these stupid letters? The Cadillac names had class.

    Finally, stay on the path of keeping traditional Cadillac styling cues: vertical blade taillights and pointed egg-crate grill. These are distinctly Caddy from both ends. GM has been idiotic in abandoning tradition.

  • silverstreak06

    I agree about putting the gearshift back on the steering column. I am very petite and my husband is 6’2″ (and so are my sons) They barely fit in my DTS and don’t fit in the XTS. When I sit in a car with a large console, I feel like I am driving in a cardboard box. Not my idea of comfort or luxury. Also consider better quality materials. My 06 DTS is built very cheaply. I take good care of my car and still, The entire passenger side is rusting under the doors, the plastics in the trunk and rear cupholders has cracked. the area around the front driver and passenger inside door handles is peeling. The leather seats are mostly cloth and a joke. The car is garage kept and usually driven only by me alone. 87K. My 98 deville was a gem and in perfect condition when I sold it, and I’ve been sorry ever since. The only thing I can boast about the DTS is the gas mileage it gets on a trip (28 mpg) To be honest, we have been looking at competitors models after having GM and Cadillacs for over 30 years. My husband drives a Ford pickup since it is more comfortable. Also, what was wrong with the hood ornament? It gave it style. Now it just looks like every other car in the parking lot. No distinction at all. And the letters have to go! I do like the front wheel drive. Rear wheel drive does not do well in W PA in the winter. You try navigating the steep hills sometime!

  • devtran1

    Amen! The folks at Lincoln have all been replaced by young IDIOTS! No more Town Car indeed!

  • Luis

    How about you guys just lose some weight. Being healthier is good for you. Im 6 ft 220lbs and I fit into an ATS just fine. Cadillac is doing well, by changing up their styling. No one wants a grandfather car.

  • Gary

    I’m short and heavy – no numbers needed. That said, it is difficult for me to “climb” into my CTS. WHY would that be for a luxury car? Ok, it’s my wife’s and she is ok with it. But, you know a guy usually does the driving when both decide to take out the Caddy. I never gave my size much thought as we had Pickups and vans. Later in life, we went for a Cadillac. It never occurred to me I’d need my former military physique to be able to get it and out of it. Is this the goal, or what?

  • rik

    except a grandfather, which unfortunately u will be someday. course u may not live long enough with the attitude u have,

  • ragemanchoo

    They’re trying to sound hip and modern but failing. Deville, Seville, Fleetwood, etc, these were all tried-and-true names.

  • Alfie

    So leave grandfather cars for Buick. Cadillac will never be able to take on the big boys from Germany building crap like the DTS. Anyone who likes that car is living in the past and must honestly want Cadillac to fail.

  • James Miller

    I love my DTS, and it’s the last of the true big body Cadillacs. I was 19 when I got it. Surely not a grandfather, I just liked it. The new ones are small, and I like the older models better, such as the Eldorado, classy.

  • The Chauffer

    I want a grandfather car that does 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds to show you young wiper snappers just because it is gray does not mean we all done.

  • Bilal

    Because old aint selling. Didn’t the demise of detroit teach you anything? BMW/Audi feels sophisticated, doesn’t scream old and tired.