McLaren P1 ‘XP2R Prototype’ Caught Testing in Spy Photos

McLaren P1 ‘XP2R Prototype’ Caught Testing in Spy Photos

A McLaren P1 marked with “XP2R Prototype” has been spotted by our spy photographers testing at the Nurburgring,  though it isn’t clear what the exact purpose of the prototype is. 

“XP2R is an internal designation for this prototype meaning simply Experimental Prototype 2 Revised,” McLaren PR representative Michele Shapiro said in an e-mail. “There are no current plans for a more powerful version of the McLaren P1.  We feel 916PS should be sufficient for most.”

There is nothing physically on the car that would suggest that this is anything different than a standard P1, save the small prototype badge. This could be a more focused version of the P1, perhaps being developed by the McLaren GT division specifically for race car drivers. It could also simply be an original prototype for the P1, though the “revised” title makes it seem as though something more could be going on here.

Word has it that this P1 was pulling some very quick laps around the ‘Ring, though a regular P1 is already capable of that.

GALLERY: McLaren P1 XP2R Prototype


  • Mark Antar

    ‘R’ stands for ‘Rebuild’, so it’s simply a rebuilt old prototype (XP2) that is running on the Ring.