Mercedes C-Class Tops Most Stolen Luxury Vehicle List

Mercedes C-Class Tops Most Stolen Luxury Vehicle List

More than any other luxury vehicle, thieves prefer Mercedes-Benz, as the C-Class was the most stolen luxury vehicle between 2009 and 2012, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. 

Three Mercedes models landed themselves a place in the top 10: The E-Class, S-Class and C-Class. In total, 4,384 luxury vehicles were stolen between 2009 and 2012, 485 of which were the C-Class. The second and third spots are filled by the BMW 3 Series with 471 thefts, and the and Infiniti G Series with 405 thefts.

Compact luxury cars make up 5 out of ten of the cars on the list, while mid-sized luxury takes up four spots, leaving the final spot for the S-Class, which is considered premium luxury.

In terms of locations, California had the most thefts by state with 1,063, followed by Florida with 674. In terms of specific areas, the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island region has the highest number of thefts, at 806. This region also has the highest number of unrecovered thefts, at 257.

Of the total 4,384 vehicle thefts, 16.3 percent still remain unrecovered, with premium luxury vehicles representing the largest percentage of any segment to remain unrecovered.

Luxury Vehicle Thefts by Make & Model

1. Mercedes-Benz C Class- 485

2. BMW 3 Series- 471

3. Infiniti G Series- 405

4. Mercedes-Benz E Class- 381

5. Cadillac CTS- 326

6. BMW 5 Series-256

7. Lincoln MKZ-226

8. Acura TSX- 190

9. Lexus IS- 177

10. Mercedes-Benz S Class- 163