Mercedes C-Class Under Investigation for Taillight Issues

Mercedes C-Class Under Investigation for Taillight Issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a preliminary investigation into 2008 and 2009 Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedans over complaints that the rear taillights and turn signals have been failing. 

An estimated 218,000 C-Class vehicles are involved in this investigation. The majority of reports from consumers say that the failure is with the lamp connector, with many saying that the electrical components inside the lights had been burnt and, or melted. Many instances report that the driver smelled smoke, while one report says that flames were emitting from the rear taillight.

The investigation is being opened to evaluate the scope and frequency of the issues, and a recall could follow if the problems are found to be wide spread.

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  • Cathryn

    Taillight housing melted a couple months ago, and I had it fixed at a local shop. Does that mean I’m shit outta luck re the possible recall?

  • Merc1

    Nope. You would likely be reimbursed.


  • Raynell

    My tail lights just stopped working today. When I opened the compartment to find out what kind of bulb to get I found the same problem. The pin connector burnt up the plastic housing causing all the lights to fail. I am surprised it did not cause a fire.

  • Raynell

    Update… I contacted Mercedes Corporation and they said they were unaware of any problems with the tail light wire housing burning up and since the car was out of warranty it was my responsibility. Totally different story when I contacted my local Mercedes dealer service department. I took it in and they covered the repairs 100%. They replaced both sides. Kudos for the Hometown dealer and thumbs down for Mercedes Corp.

  • Tom Walker

    My sons 2008 C300 Mercedes has burned up both sides……Just had it repaired again today…..

  • Valerie

    How do I file a complaint? We’ve experienced the same problem with our C300. The driver’s side tail light is out. We received warning signs before it went out and now we are receiving warnings signs for the right tail light.

  • Todd Hummel

    There have
    been hundreds of cases where Mercedes Benz USA has neglected and hidden
    many cases of fires in their C-class and other models. Of course they
    don’t want a recall and most investigations from their team are inconclusive.
    This is the real reason why they fail.

    Please get this to the
    next step before people loose their life! I could have died this night! Pictures

    My name is Todd and I had a 2006
    ML350. It spontaneously caught fire as it was parked for two hours after I had
    driven it. The firemen state in the report it was an electrical fire and
    started from a short in the rear taillight harness, much like the investigation
    in the C-class. They could determine that in only twenty minutes time. It was deemed totaled and luckily It
    didn’t kill anyone. Look at the pictures below and see what you
    think. I brought this to Mercedes Benz USA’s attention and they were
    careless about the safety dangers that this caused/posed. They said it wasn’t a
    manufacturers’ defect. Might I remind you the car had been parked for 2 hours.
    God forbid if consumers found out that the ML-class would be involved in the same
    investigation as the C-class. They were of more concern about this being leaked
    or exposed and tried to sweep my case under the rug. They held my vehicle for
    about 2 months for their “investigation” and not to have any
    conclusion of the manufacturers defect is complete BS. They told me that the
    fire was inconclusive and not a manufactures defect. Get this!
    They only gave me one case manager and limited me only to speak with
    her. After I had asked to speak to numerous other managers and
    higher ups they told me I strictly couldn’t. After being trapped in
    this corporate cover up I had no where else to turn. SUSAN M( my west
    coast regional case manager) How many other vehicle cases did they sweep under
    the rug like mine? I do not expect this kind of cover-up from Mercedes and
    would expect them to stand behind their vehicles. I only had 76,000 miles on
    it. An absolute nightmare!! See the pictures below. you can go to , NHTSA, numerous auto blogs ,CAS and the Federal Trade commission and the attorney general. Federal trade commission and NHTSA were the most responsive .
    Thanks for your time!!

  • hugh vogues

    my 2008 c350 right rear light bracket and clip burned if I take it to cherry hill Mercedes tho out of warranty will they fix it for no cost to me?