Mercedes Unlikely to Win U.S. Luxury Race: CEO

Mercedes Unlikely to Win U.S. Luxury Race: CEO

In the competition to take the U.S. luxury crown, Mercedes-Benz has all but conceded in the race, admitting that it won’t play any games to try to be number one.

The German automaker’s CEO admitted there’s a good chance it won’t top BMW for the U.S. luxury sales crown, and that he’s OK with that. For the past two years, BMW has captured the crown even though Mercedes had more vehicle registrations. Of course the automakers like to point fingers at one another for “playing games” in order to achieve top sales for the year, and Mercedes-Benz’s CEO doesn’t intend to partake this year.

U.S. sales for Mercedes through June are at 141,950 ,while BMW is at 140,431. Both automakers have seen growth this year in sales.

[Source: Detroit News]

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