MINI Camping Concepts Include Shower, Kitchen

MINI Camping Concepts Include Shower, Kitchen

Vehicles that qualify for camping are usually spacious and comfortable, but Mini is doing something to change all of that.

 The British brand has constructed three different concept vehicles designed specifically to take people camping, with each one taking a different approach.

First, there is a the MINI Clubvan Camper. Based on the Clubvan, this camper features a sleeping spot for one person, plus a kitchen that extends out of the back that includes a small fridge and propane stove. A portable shower is also built into the Clubvan Camper, along with a small glass window in the roof that can be opened for ventilation, or star gazing.

Next, MINI put together the Cowley. Rather than try and stuff a lot of camp-ready accessories inside the car, this concept uses a custom designed tear-drop shaped trailer to house cargo and sleepy campers. It features space for two people to sleep, a twin-burner gas stove, a sink, a solar-powered fridge and a solar-powered television.

Finally, MINI has the Countryman ALL4 Camp. For those who can’t find a bed, and don’t fancy setting up a tent, the Countryman ALL4 Camp offers a ready to go tent affixed to the roof. It is big enough to sleep two people, and can quickly be set up and taken down. A specially fitted bike rack also comes standard.

MINI has no plans to offer these as production vehicles at this time.

GALLERY: MINI Camping Concepts

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