Most Reliable 2013 Pickup Trucks

Most Reliable 2013 Pickup Trucks

2013 Chevrolet Avalanche

Originally launched in 2002, the Chevrolet Avalanche is on its way out as the automaker has announced that the model will be axed following a Black Diamond Edition model. Essentially the same as the Cadillac Escalade EXT, the Avalanche is more of a rugged truck rather than a luxurious one, and can be had with the same 6.2-liter V8 as the Escalade EXT. Also available to buyers is a smaller, 5.3-liter V8 with 320 horsepower and Active Fuel Management gas-saving technology. Standard on the Avalanche is rear-wheel drive while four-wheel drive is available as an option.

  • FYI

    I think you have your pictures mixed up. The pictures are not matching up with the text. You have a picture of a Toyota Tundra when it says Cadillac Escalade. Just an FYI.

  • FYI

    Actually, it’s your headings that aren’t matching up.

  • ColumWood

    It should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

  • Zach Thompson

    they are rated reliable because those trucks for the most part arnt used for actual WORK nearly as much as Ford and Dodge. Ford has, is and probably always will be the truck that is used FAR more by contractors and businesses to do actual Work. Jobs like pushing snow, pulling trailers, going off road in 4 wheel drive for the manufacturers intended purpose, hauling loads that in many cases are WAAAY too heavy for the truck according to the specs, that get done anywys….all done by trucks that arnt on this list. If you actually use your truck as a truck, it’s bound to break sooner than one that leads a life of suburbia and subdivision speedbumps……is just a fact.

  • Badge engineer

    All the GM vehicles are literally the same truck.

  • SumTingWongsc

    The Toyota Tundra has been used for government work around Hanford Nuclear reservation for over 5 years now and the only upgrade they do to the trucks are putting in a 45 gallon gas tank. They seem to be lower cost to maintain and work just as hard, if not harder than the fords. My work uses the Ford f150 and we have several problems with them. I think it’s about time that we use the Toyota’s as well.

  • mattspersic

    Zack, you ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!! As soon as I saw that they listed the Cadi Escalade first, I knew the article was rubbish. There is no way on planet Earth that the Escalade can haul an equivalent payload to my 2013 F-350 crew cab long bed… for one thing, it won’t fit in the bed of the Escalade, so how can anyone make an apples-to-apples comparison?!!!

    To be fair, they did say “reliable” not “useful” or “strong”… so I guess a Honda Ridgeline or an Audi TT pulling a trailer would beat out a F-350 or RAM 3500… I just wouldn’t want my local farmer or utility district to swap out their work truck!

    I guess the only thing the article’s author ever used a truck for was to pick up a roll of Scotch-Tape and a ream of copier paper at their local Staples.

  • Erin Gregory

    Guys, this is a “most reliable” chart, not a “best truck to work the farm” chart.

  • Sam

    This is more like a “SOCCER MOM’s Take on a reliable truck”. Whomever took the survey didn’t speak with REAL truck owners. I’ve owned Chevy and Ford trucks and the Fords have GM trucks beat hands down in drivability, power, longevity (which has been proven with the F series for over 30 years) and sales. People keep going back to the most reliable trucks on the market which are FORDS. I own a 2008 Honda Civic as a grocery getter and it’s worthless. The ride is horrible and it’s not that reliable. The MPG is nothing like was advertised. If you want a great truck,,,,buy a FORD. If you want a girlie truck,,,,,,,,,,buy a GM product, Toyota or Nissan. They do not hold up to real work. Period!

  • Max

    Don’t compare a 1/2 ton to a 1 ton. GEE. Not even the same. Not even sure the Honda is a 1/2 ton
    Toys in the 1/2 ton range are good. But we have had issues with the drive line. When towing close to MAX. Diffs and axles are weak.

  • SumTingWongsc

    Point being said was the Ford f150’s my work uses only last about 70k miles before we replace them and there is a lot of maintenance costs. We are currently looking at dodge and Toyota for it future work vehicles because our contract is almost up. The tundra is my half ton choice. We drive our vehicles 24/7 to include holidays and weekends and Chevy’s tended to last to 50,000 and Ford to about 70,000. We’ll probably go to dodge for the price, but our neighbors at Hanford have been using the tundra’s and have been pleased so far.

  • kyle

    i agree why are there no fords up there me i mean ford does own sales buy chevy does have a better truck i mean come on every one knows chevys are STILL the Most Dependable Longest Lasting trucks on the Road my 04 silverado was never in the shop my buds f350 is always in there and my friend just sold is F150 for a chevy cause the thing left him on the side of the road countless times

  • Tate Ellison

    that’s why there are more f series Ford trucks on the road over 250,000 miles than any other truck…because chevy is more dependable.

  • Tate Ellison

    That’s why there are more f series ford trucks on the road over 250k miles than any other truck…because chevy is reliable.

  • chris

    I wonder how much GM paid Autoguide to release this before the recall came out.

  • Honest Abe

    Hey dumbass: this story is from July!

  • eaglegray

    Companies like this are absolutely without shame. This article is nothing more than a bald-faced pandering to big advertiser GM. The only true auto reviews are the objective consumer oriented publications, both American and European. Most of those invariably rate Japanese and Korean built vehicles as more durable and reliable than just about anything made in North America or Mexico. There are exceptions of course: The Honda Civic, assembled in Alliston Ontario and the Toyota Corolla, assembled in Cambridge Ontario, are very well assembled with quality parts, according to Japanese-managed quality.

  • ColumWood

    If you read the article you’d see that the data is from JD Power. We’re simply the messenger.

  • eaglegray

    I did quickly read the entire article, but I admit I did not register that it was J.D. Power. So I apologize to AutoGuide. However, the objectivity of J.D. Power in assessing ‘durability’ and ‘reliability’ of vehicles is highly questionable. As a student of vehicle reliability statistics, one could hold forth at some length on the subject; but suffice to say this: J.D. Power is primarily a marketing firm which tends to ‘target’ only certain consumers; and so far as I am aware their auto ‘reliability’ information is only based on the first three years of new vehicle ownership. Three-year ratings says almost nothing about real ‘durability’ as well as the value/quality and long term component and design integrity of a vehicle.

  • Cary Nardin

    Shut up you little Bitch , you’re just butt hurt lol.

  • Cary Nardin

    Nothing , just like I paid your mom.

  • theworkinmexican

    Bitch as ford sucks i own a ranger is a piece of shit always fuckin up and if ur buy anything crhsler u must be rich to trash money that bad GM or toyota is really the best choice for a workin may and really pay attention to the roads u see more old chevys than ford i promise dodge really the speak for them selfs there shit i rather dive a old sivlerado with 70000 than a fuckin ram with zero miles

  • ken hulse

    This is a poor article. I was looking for information on serious trucks that can pull trailers etc. Some of these picks couldnt’ begin to be considered a real truck

  • jimmy lee brewer

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  • jimmy lee brewer

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