Most Researched Cars of the Week: July 7 — 13

Most Researched Cars of the Week: July 7 — 13

Running the gamut from highly fuel frugal to ferocious, the most researched cars this week in’s new cars section were diverse to say the least.

First, the Audi S5 proved to be popular with its 3.0-liter supercharged six-cylinder engine. Right behind it, the Hyundai Genesis sedan, which can come with either a 5.0-liter V8 or a smaller six-cylinder mill.

But the S5 isn’t particularly practical. It has two doors, tiny rear seats and a high price. The Genesis sedan might be more practical, but it still isn’t cheap.

That’s where the Honda Accord came in. Its very efficient when fitted with a four-cylinder and continuously-variable transmission while still offering style and practicality.

If saving gas means everything, the Accord probably still won’t be what you’re looking for. For those people, the Toyota Prius is probably still right at the top of the list despite the many hybrid alternatives on today’s market. It just doesn’t have a soul.

Leave that to the last car on this week’s list: the Chevrolet Camaro. It’s 6.2-liter V8 makes a roar that’s hard not to be excited by. Starting with next year, Chevy’s muscle car will be sold with the new facelifted style first seen in the New York Auto Show last March.

2013 Audi S5

2013 Hyundai Genesis

2013 Honda Accord Sedan

2013 Toyota Prius

2013 Chevrolet Camaro