Next Toyota Yaris Sedan to be a Re-Badged Mazda2

Next Toyota Yaris Sedan to be a Re-Badged Mazda2

Last year, Toyota and Mazda announced a plan that would see the sub-compact Mazda2 shared between the automakers.

Now a new report from Automotive News suggests that the plan is moving forward and that the product will be a badge-engineered Mazda2 sold as a Yaris. It might only be sold as a sedan, and the report also says the deal does not include Toyota using Mazda’s SkyActiv engine technology.

The Yaris hatchback will likely be imported from Japan. It is also unclear if the Japanese giant will keep the Yaris name.

Mazda will begin building the Mazda2 at its Salamanca, Mexico plant in mid-2015.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • smartacus

    Why not just bring over the Aygo in place of the Yaris and iQ?

    Yeah cancel that dreaded mistake Scion iQ
    The two-seat smart fortwo has won. It is the smarter car and they just passed 1.5MILLION units produced..

    **I would much rather buy a Mazda2 than a Mazda2 rebadged as a Toyota Yaris.

    That’s like taking a respectable Suzuki and rebadging it as the Chevy Spark.