Nissan Altima Coupe Officially Discontinued for 2014

Nissan Altima Coupe Officially Discontinued for 2014

The guillotine has officially dropped, sealing the fate of the Nissan Altima Coupe.

Sales boss Al Castignetti said last March that the two-door Altima wasn’t likely to live through another model year, and today the company officially confirmed that the car will die after 2013. Choosing to cut the sporty-looking Altima signals the brand’s focus on competing with major segment players including the Toyota Camry. Strong demand for the four-cylinder current generation Altima sedan is an especially high priority for the automaker right now.

“Production of the Altima Coupe, which debuted in the 2007 model year to compete in a niche market of mid-size coupes, has been discontinued to free up needed manufacturing resources at our three U.S. facilities,”said Nissan spokesman Steve Yeager

When Castignetti made the comments, the new Altima sedan had topped the Toyota Camry in sales. Those numbers failed to continue in subsequent months as Toyota’s mid-size sedan sold 207,626 units through June while Nissan only sold 167,787 Altimas.

Originally launched in mid-2007 as a 2008 model year, the Altima coupe lasted a single generation. The company offered the two-door variant with both a four- and six-cylinder engine, although the four cylinder version is the only one Nissan is still selling.

Editor’s note: This story was updated after publication to reflect Nissan’s response to an inquiry for comment about the Altima coupe’s discontinuation.

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  • Brendan Cullis

    I’m sadened.

  • Mark Gold

    Well, the current model has an anemic four banger and a soul sucking CVT, so no great loss. Sedan-based coupes haven’t been terribly popular here in the US for the past few decades. We can blame GM and Ford for that. Sure, there are exceptions like the BMW 3-series coupe, or the Hyundai Genesis Coupe (which shares very little with it’s 4-door namesake) but for the most part, these types of vehicles just aren’t terribly popular. In addition, Nissan did little to make this particular car stand apart from the crowd. To me the Altima coupe always seemed like an afterthought, and apparently, so did Nissan.

  • Brendan Cullis

    Its the CVT. Not many people like it. But then the 2.5L is no compliment with the CVT. They should have kept the 3.5L with and option 6sd man. My co-worker as a 2010 altima coupe 3.5 with the CVT. That thing flies. The problem with the CVT for me is the type of tranny fluid. It cant use normal ATF. I much rather be driving a manual.

  • Andrew Borelli

    I guess you need to live with the 2.5 cvt coupe to appreciate it’s virtues. I have had a whack of hot rides over the years, including a 2005 Altima se 3.5 manual…that thing was stupid fast, too fast for North American roads…like many 250 hp plus cars, last time I checked our posted speed limits….and I love driving fast.

    Not sure why some many folks are slagging this coupe. I have a 2008 2.5 coupe…’s been a solid, dependable ride and it’s plenty fast. The suspension is set for a smooth ride – no jarring bumps in this thing. With the leather and bose sound it’s super comfy and cruises at 160km without breaking a sweat. I’ve been lookin at switching it out over the last coupe of years and guess what, nothing else has tweaked my ” just gotta have it button”. I’ve driven the new FRS..its way fun but the interior is cramped and the ride is harsh, great for tracking racing if that’s your thing. The Accord coupe is a great car but there is one on every corner and it just doesn’t appeal to me. The Veloster, the Mini Cooper s, the Genesis Coupe…..all great cars but after driving them it’s like, ok? whatever.

    The little Nissan coupe stills feels right.

    With low cost mods, it’s easy to give this car better curb appeal. Tint the windows, lower the suspension and throw on some decent rims and you’ve got a decent looking car that doesn’t scream factory racer boy.

    Cut this Nissan some slack,

  • current volvo owner

    favorite car i’ve ever had was a 2011 altima coupe 2.5 loaded. nothing else ‘fits’ or gives off the same emotion of being different without screaming it

  • AD

    I agree, there’s something about driving a car that people come up when you get out and ask “What is that?” “nice lines!” I don’t need the V6, I average 30.5 mpg and do alot of around town driving. My black 2012 is sleek, comfortable, unique and has the best $200 option ever – ground lighting. One of the few cars I’ve owned that I look forward to driving every day. Something intangible I guess.

  • Jen K.

    So sad, I love my Altima Coupe and was hoping to get another one after this one is done. I just don’t like the way the new Altima sedan looks so it seems I’m going to be on the market to find another quality, front-wheel drive coupe. :/

    As a side note in response to other comments, I’ve had no issues with the CVT and love the smooth ride it provides. I sit in too much traffic on a long commute to deal with a manual, so its perfect.

  • M Willard

    I agree, I bought my 2011 AC 2.5S CVT with 5 miles on it in Feb 2011. It has been the best car for evey one of the 45,000 I alone have driven it. Every day when I walk up to it & when I get out of it, l either say out loud or think, God I love my car. I love it so much I am trying to buy the very last 2012 3.5SR left in usa that is still at a dealer. It has 5000 miles on it! They must be nice & fun, nobody wants to sell untill they have 90-100k on them. Drive one, you will want it too.
    The CVT, put ur foot into it & let it do its thing, best tranny for all around driving, not for street racing.

  • BJ

    I love my coupe. I have a 2011 white coupe. I brought it brand new. It is now 2014 and people still stop me and say. “That is a nice car”. I have always been a Toyota girl but when in saw the Altima coupe and drove it, I had to have the coupe. Nissian won me over with this car. I absolutely love it, I hate they are discontinuing this car. Im so sad. Now I will own a classic.