Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador Expands Brand

Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador Expands Brand

The Novitec Group has expanded its brand with its latest business division, Novitec Torado, which will specialize in customizing Lamborghini sports cars.

For over a decade, Novitec Rosso has been specializing in building some of the world’s finest custom Ferraris and recently expanded its brand with Novitec Tridente for Maserati owners. Now, Novitec will venture into the territory of customizing another group of Italy’s finest exotics from Lamborghini.

Its first creation is the brand’s take on none other than the Aventador that now features an aerodynamic-enhancement kit that was developed in a wind tunnel and high-tech forged wheels. Novitec Torado is currently working on an engine tuning package that will give it upwards of 1,000 hp that will come with a high-performance exhaust system. Also part of the Novitec Torado portfolio will be coilover suspension and exclusive interior options.

To enhance the aerodynamics of the Aventador, Novitec equipped it with a two-piece front spoiler on the left and right, a new central front blade, and newly designed air intakes. New air vents are added in front of the windshield, while the entire trunk lid is replaced with a new one featuring integrated air ducts to further enhance aerodynamics. On the side are new rocker panels and carbon fiber mirror covers, and side air intakes on the rear windows. The rear wing and diffuser finish off the package, giving the Aventador a menacingly good look.

Novitec Torado chose to fit a staggered set of 20-inch wheels in the front and 21-inch wheels in the rear, going as wide as 13 inches. The coilover suspension offers plenty of height adjustability, but for those looking for something more mild, Novitec also offers a set of sport springs that will lower the exotic by about 1.2 inches.

Currently, a tuning package is available that gives the Aventador 48 more hp over the factory 700 figure through a custom ECU and an exhaust system. But Aventador owners should really wait for Novitec’s next package that promises to push power output over 1,000 hp.

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