Penguin Book Truck is a Mobile Bookstore

Penguin Book Truck is a Mobile Bookstore

A food truck craze has swept the U.S. recently, and now book publisher Penguin Group has introduced its first mobile bookstore that will be making its way across the country.

Joining the Penguin Book Truck is a more mobile Penguin Book Pushcart that rolls out of the truck and down a ramp to make books even more accessible for buyers. Starting its life off as a GMC Savana cargo van, the Penguin Group converted it into a mobile book store with awnings, LED lighting, cafe tables, and chairs.

According to the book publisher, the Penguin Book Truck will be making stops at book-related events, festivals, and more, stocked with books from the group. Upcoming stops include Envisionfest in Connecticut, and a multi-state trip for the 75th Anniversary of The Grapes of Wrath Journey (Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California).

[Source: Penguin]


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