Scion Exploring Shift to Premium Products

Scion Exploring Shift to Premium Products

The FR-S may have changed the direction of Toyota’s Scion brand for ever, though surprisingly, it would not be towards performance machines.

Rather, with the success of the rear-drive sports car Toyota has seen that with the right products it can raise the asking price for Scion models, prompting some within the brand to explore moving it up-market.

According to a new report, a group within Scion wants to attack the premium compact segment with models priced at or below $30,000. Outside the realm of Toyota, that segment is also seen as too down-market for Lexus.

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With the FR-S opening the door, a convertible version (previewed in the Toyota GT 86 Open Top Concept) could be the first true step in that direction, likely offering more luxury features with less of a focus on all-out performance.

The feeling isn’t universal, however, with a core group at Scion still opting for the brand’s original youth-oriented direction, following with models like the xB and xD. Those products are near retirement, however, and so a decision about their future and the future of the Scion brand in general are intertwined.

GALLERY: Toyota GT86 Open Top Concept


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  • Kamenashi

    Scion, stahp. You’re made for young kids, now you’re going against Mini? No, stahp.

  • smartacus

    Premium compact just means Toyota is desperately looking for a new way to feed their greed and fleece more cash from retarded suckers who get a Corolla or Yaris by calling them a Lexus.

    But Toyota can’t go any lower than the already low-rent Lexus ES (rebadged Camry). They need an “almost Luxury” brand. Scion is not an “almost luxury” brand. Never will be. Scion and Plymouth and Saturn were never meant to be premium compact.
    If they want an Oldsmobile / Mercury brand; invent one.