SRT Adds Sepia Laguna Leather Package to Full Lineup

SRT Adds Sepia Laguna Leather Package to Full Lineup

SRT has announced that starting next year, the rest of its model lineup aside form the Viper will be made available with Sepia Laguna leather as an option.

The American automaker is the first automotive entity to utilize Sepia Laguna leather, which can be found on yachts, private planes, and high-end furniture. SRT has joined forces with Sweden-based Elmo Leather for the high-end leather package, which will be available on the SRT Viper, Challenger SRT, Charger SRT, Grand Cherokee SRT, and 300 SRT. The leather, which SRT will simply be referring to as Laguna, will come exclusively from Scandinavian cows, where barbed-wire is not used on the ranches since it is forbidden in Norway.

The reddish-brown hue from the Sepia leather won’t replace the black leather option, which will still be available. Another major benefit to the luxurious leather is its resiliency and long-lasting nature. So much so that the American automaker intends to hang a tag on each seat to help consumers understand the differences in the leather and explain how to care for it.

The Sepia Laguna leather package is currently available on the 2013 SRT Viper, Charger SRT, 300 SRT, and 2014 Grand Cherokee.

“Most leathers that are used in automotive applications are processed, and there is a grain or print applied to the leather to get out flaws like bug bites and scars,” said Brian Papke, SRT Interior/Exterior Restraint Manager. “Ours is naked leather. Naked leather is right off the cattle. If the grain varies or there is a scar, that’s what’s on the leather. We don’t try to correct it. It is what it is. You are seeing and getting a pure piece of hide.”

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  • Alfie

    If the folks at Chrysler are writing press releases for one new leather color… well… they must be hard pressed to sell cars. Is the new Viper a flop?