Tesla Added to Nasdaq-100 Index, Shares Hit New Peak

Tesla Added to Nasdaq-100 Index, Shares Hit New Peak

The latest in a string of good news for Tesla Motors came in two parts today.

On July 15, the company will count itself among the those listed on the Nasdaq-100 Index, replacing California tech company Oracle. As is proving to be a pattern with the electric car maker, the news meant a bump in the share price. But today’s uptick was more than just a slight increase. Its stock price jumped to $125.32 per share, which is a new record for the company.

The news is the latest in a series of mostly positive developments for the company. Early last month, the shares reached their previous peak at $117.77 and the good news kept rolling in. A petition on whitehouse.gov asking that states to not be allowed to block Tesla from selling cars directly to customers passed the required 100,000 mark to require a written response by the White House.

Tesla is also taking orders in China where CEO Elon Musk expects demand similar to what the company sees in the U.S. While the brand’s presence in China is young, even for its own standards, there are already hundreds of hand raisers in Hong Kong.

Bundle that into a single speech, and chances are good that Musk will address Tesla shareholders with his usual bravado to make the company’s second quarter announcement.

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