Tesla Roadster Batteries Stronger Than Expected: Study

Tesla Roadster Batteries Stronger Than Expected: Study

Good news for Tesla continues to stack up, as a recent study shows that the Roadster’s battery life is stronger than originally expected, even by the automaker.

One of the biggest concerns for electric vehicles is their battery life and how performance degrades over time, so Plug In Research decided to conduct the first-ever independent study on the Tesla Roadster’s battery to measure how much the packs have degraded. According to the research, the Roadster’s battery will retain an average of 80 to 85 percent of its capacity even after 100,000 miles.

Those figures beat the American automaker’s initial projections in 2006, which predicted a 70 percent capacity retention after five years or 50,000 miles. It seems Tesla was conservative announcing those figures – better to under promise and over delivery than vice versa.

The data came from four percent of Roadster owners worldwide and anonymous data from OpenVehicles.com, an aftermarket vehicle monitoring system.

“Our study also found no discernable effect of climate on battery-pack longevity,” said Tom Saxton, Plug In America’s chief science officer, who lead the research. “Roadster owners in hot climates are not seeing noticeably different battery capacity profiles than owners in moderate climates.”

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