The Master Craftsmen Behind the Nissan GT-R: Takumi

The Master Craftsmen Behind the Nissan GT-R: Takumi

Nissan‘s halo car, the GT-R, is one of the world’s most formidable sports cars, and much of its success is owed to four individuals known as takumi in Japan.

In Japan, master craftsmen are known as takumi, and at Nissan’s factory in Yokohama, only four takumi are allowed to put their name on the GT-R. The four individuals are led by Takumi Kurosawa and combined have over 100 years of factory experience.

“By putting my name on the engine block, I strongly feel I represent Nissan and am regarded as a builder of GT-R engines,” Kurosawa said. “I feel a strong pride.”

The other three are Izumi Shioya, Nobumitsu Gozu, and Tsunemi Oyama. The four-man team is responsible for hand-crafting each twin-turbo engine that goes into the GT-R and is the pride of the plant and the automaker.

Team lead Kurosawa is also responsible for crafting the Super GT300 engines used in Nissan’s race cars and each engine can take up to six hours to assemble. The four men aren’t just responsible for assembling the engine, but also judging the quality of the parts used and guaranteeing precision during assembly. The 3.8-liter powerplant boasts 545 horsepower, and according to the takumi, hand-making each one makes all the difference.

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