Top 10 Cars Most Likely to be Stolen

Top 10 Cars Most Likely to be Stolen

7. Chevrolet HHR

The same is true of the HHR. Is it a station wagon? Is it a crossover? It doesn’t matter. The HHR makes Sloth from the Goonies look like Brad Pitt. Aside from the turbocharged 2.0-liter SS version, which still only makes 260 hp, the car is slow and ugly. Who is stealing it?

  • The Chevrolet HHR was built on the same platform as the Cobalt, and shares quite a few parts in common when it comes to the engine, suspension, and knowing GM, the interior. Now, the Cobalt wasn’t exactly a heart-stopping car either, but it sold pretty well in North America, so parts are probably still in demand. Perhaps more research into the criminal economics of car theft would have made this article better. That and not making it a slideshow.

  • bob

    Anyone else notice how the author loathes GM? Meanwhile the jap crap’s which are stolen are not drilled for being underpowered, over rated piles of junk which will all be crushed within 10 years of the purchase date.

  • Lam

    For real? Honda civic is not on this list?

  • Ricerrick

    This list is nothin but a joke and contradicts prity much every other list I’ve ever read. The author is definetly a GM fanboy. And how many Lamborghini Gallardo’s do you really think will be stolen…get real

  • tommorofski

    “If” this list were actually factual, we’d have to conclude that today’s car thiefs are no brighter than today’s journalists … right?

  • caleb

    I figure a jeep would have made the list…

  • Jeep

    Yea I know right this list is bull shit

  • tommy

    Who ever thought of the list was drunk stoned or had a touch of down syndrome

  • Pete Laframboise

    lol.. a aveo? A hhr? someone must have smoked some stupid.

  • JoeYCRaaaaCK

    WHAT A JOKE!!! There are no honda or toyota’s on the list? Come on who’s gonna steal some of these POS cars

  • Jay

    I’d better put my boots on, because the BS is getting thick! Luke Vanderzande, you are full of it. The number one stolen car for years, and remains so, is a used HONDA ACCORD.

  • Luke Vandezande

    Thanks for reading Jay. I think you might have missed the part where I pointed out that this was information taken from NHTSA and that it applies to 2011.