Top 10 Pickup Truck Innovations

Top 10 Pickup Truck Innovations

6. Luxury Trims

There was a time when a truck was nothing more than a simple tool, more closely associated to a hammer or drill than a luxury car. But luxury trim levels are coming on strong, and now represent a significant portion of the market. About 30 percent of all Ford F-150s that leave the showroom are dolled up in luxury trim.

Amenities usually include a touchscreen interface, leather surfaces with contrasting stitching, unique badging, more chrome, larger wheels, and small trim bits that set these trucks apart from a standard pickup.

While the Lincoln Mark LT initially started the segment, Ford didn’t find success with the truck when it was first launched. Seems as though the Lincoln pickup was actually ahead of its time. The Ford F-150 King Ranch then took the reigns, and sales have been growing ever since.

All three Detroit truck makers and even Toyota now offer a southwestern-inspired luxury truck, while Ford and GMC even offer a luxury trim beyond their kitschy cowboy trucks.

While these trucks don’t work any harder, they sure looks better doing it than their plain-Jane brethren.

  • Soyntgo4it

    Air suspension what a joke. Worst idea ever!

  • BulkZerker

    Guess you never put anything in the bed… or on a flatbed.

  • In2Trux

    You see Air Ride suspensions in the sweetest Hot Rods and in the most luxurious cars. Why don’t you like yours?

  • BigPaul

    I Air ride on the back of my ride only. It’s a hybrid system I dreamed up on my own using a four link and a watts linkage. I use four bags and they are staged to provide unparalleled carrying capacity and a very smooth ride. The quad bag system works with the ZO8 sway bar the Dime came with. The four link is reversed and the shocks are where they should be because of the reverse four link. A ride height sensor keeps the bumper at the same height no mater the load. The Currie nine inch carries one ton with ease. I loaded an old Detroit Series 92 V6 diesel in the back tied it down and drove away with about six co-workers scratching their heads trying to figure out how. I can park my truck in places my buddies with their One Ton Duallies cannot and they are blown away when I hitch my 12 foot trailer on the back, with the bed full of camping gear and drive to the camp grounds, pulling the hills faster and easier than they can. The LQ4 makes that happen. Air Ride rocks, all you have to do is think it through to the ultimate use, YOU wish to use it for. All this and 28 Miles to the gallon when commuting. Getting rid of that damned V6 was the best thing I have ever done.

  • Bilbo

    If OEMs didn’t jack up the bed height trucks wouldn’t need a step.

  • nitebell

    Nice job Ford, backup cameras have been around for a long time, too bad you mounted a fragile camera in the tailgate that gets slammed constantly, Oh I get it, you’ll charge $1,500 dollars to replace it one month after the warranty ends.