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 |  Jul 18 2013, 8:45 AM

2. Mazda RX-7


The rotary engine is synonymous with Mazda’s RX lineup of cars and no other model had a longer run, was more successful, or garnered more fans than the RX-7. First released in 1978, nearly 1,000,000 RX-7s were produced before ceasing production in 2002, although the model left our shores long before that thanks to emission regulations.

Three generations of RX-7s were made and by the time it was discontinued, power from the twin-turbocharged 13B two rotor motor was up to a claimed 276 hp. The RX-7 was a phenomenal handling vehicle thanks to its low weight and many consider it one of the best balanced sports cars.

  • Alfie

    How many gallons of oil were burnt making this post?

  • Mike Schlee

    Three gallons and two apex seals

  • Souse

    No C111?!?

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Yeah, right after Mazda won LeMans, FIA outlawed rotary engines. They’re getting as bad as NASCAR with the rules these days…

  • Transpower

    Wow, I totally don’t remember the Aerovette….

  • Ken H

    Thank you for including the 20b cosmo.

    As an owner im Really happy to see it in an article