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 |  Jul 18 2013, 8:45 AM

4. Mazda Cosmo 110S


This is the car that started a long history of rotary engines for Mazda. After testing out several prototypes, full production of this little rear-wheel drive coupe began in 1967. Initially the car received the 10A two rotor engine that displaced 982 cc and produced 110 hp (which is why it was called the 110).

The Series II version of the Cosmo featured an upgraded 10B rotary engine that upped power to 128 hp, but the 110 name remained. Like the Toyota 2000GT of the same era, these cars are a rare sight today and highly sought after by collectors.

  • Alfie

    How many gallons of oil were burnt making this post?

  • Mike Schlee

    Three gallons and two apex seals

  • Souse

    No C111?!?

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Yeah, right after Mazda won LeMans, FIA outlawed rotary engines. They’re getting as bad as NASCAR with the rules these days…

  • Transpower

    Wow, I totally don’t remember the Aerovette….

  • Ken H

    Thank you for including the 20b cosmo.

    As an owner im Really happy to see it in an article