Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

There’s more than one way to move cars off dealer lots.

Some companies offer deep discounts — a practice casually called putting “cash on the hood.” Mild style tweaks and jimmied equipment lists are another common trick. In other cases, the company actually cuts its prices outright like Nissan did this year with the Leaf.

Sometimes an auto maker will slap an outside brand on some of its vehicles in the hope of drumming up artificial appeal. The cars aren’t always better, but then again how much “quality” does that pony really add to your polo shirt?

Occasionally, it feels like the marketers at (insert car company) give up and say  “Screw it! Lets let the people at (insert unrelated brand) take a stab at selling these things. I’m tired of this shit anyway…”

The shilling begins, and everyone wins. Sort of. Here are 10 of the most absurd, obnoxious and completely cockamamie examples of shameless shill cars

Note: the Spongebob Highlander didn’t qualify because it is a concept car.

  • Alfie

    Absolute freakin GOLD! I laughed so hard at these.

  • San Jose Cars Examiner

    Transformers edition Camaro. One of the newest and most stupid.

  • Robby G

    Really? It was dumb… yes… but considering the role the Camaro played in the movie it makes a lot of sense.