Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

Terminator 3 Edition Toyota Tundra

Rewind for a moment back to 2003 before Arnold was jokingly named the “Governator” by so many Californians. Gray Davis was on the cusp of what must have been his greatest humiliation and Arnold was spitting distance from office, although he probably didn’t know it at the time.

What he did know was that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was the only thing in that state tanking harder than its governor. That didn’t stop Toyota from trying to scrape what little profit it could out of product endorsements. The T3 edition Tundra as born.

Customers paid an extra $5,585 for the Japanese truck gone post-apocalyptic Hollywood. For that price, they got a new exhaust, limited-slip differential and upgraded suspension. The truck also got “T3” graphics and a full makeover.

Too bad Arnold chose to go with a Hummer converted to run on hydrogen rather than one of these.

  • Alfie

    Absolute freakin GOLD! I laughed so hard at these.

  • San Jose Cars Examiner

    Transformers edition Camaro. One of the newest and most stupid.

  • Robby G

    Really? It was dumb… yes… but considering the role the Camaro played in the movie it makes a lot of sense.