Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

Top 10 Shameless Shill Cars

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Edition Jeep Wrangler

Chrysler has big cojones. It bills the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Edition Wrangler the toughest vehicle in the world. Even if you restrict that idea to passenger vehicles, the idea is more ridiculous than a Richard Simmons exercise video.

What about the Hummer H1? How about the Lamborghini LM002? Toyota’s Hilux? God forbid any of those hulking things find a “COD” Wrangler in a dark alley.

As shill cars go, this is probably one of the most passable. It’s based on the Wrangler Rubicon and comes with 32-inch off-road tires, rock rails and a winch-ready bumper. So at least you’ve got more than a goofy looking badge to show people how good you are at wasting money.

  • Alfie

    Absolute freakin GOLD! I laughed so hard at these.

  • San Jose Cars Examiner

    Transformers edition Camaro. One of the newest and most stupid.

  • Robby G

    Really? It was dumb… yes… but considering the role the Camaro played in the movie it makes a lot of sense.