Touring the Honda America Museum – Video

Touring the Honda America Museum – Video

Every once in a while this job affords us the opportunity to do something truly exceptional. Something that doesn’t just speak to the inner car geek nestled within our soul, but more like scream at it through a mega phone. Visiting the Honda America museum is one of those days.

Want to see a 2004 NSX that has acquired an unbelievably low 78 miles on it? Honda has one. How about nearly brand-new N 600s and Z 600s? There are a few examples on display. If it was sold in the USA, chances are it’s here in this Honda fanboys dream come true.



Nestled deep in an unsuspecting industrial complex in Torrance, California, this warehouse is chock-full of significant road and race cars from the Japanese automaker’s past.

Honda-America-Museum-01.jpgAfter parking in the nearly empty lot, we begin to wonder if this is indeed the right location. But our smiling contact comes out quickly to greet us and let us in. Once inside the front door, the building continues to look very unsuspecting. There is a door on the left and a door straight ahead. The door straight ahead leads to the actual warehouse that houses 100s of ATVs, motorcycles and power equipment. The door on the left, however, leads to automotive nirvana for fans of the big H.

Open it up and a large showroom floor is revealed with a buffet of classic Honda and Acura automobiles. Neatly organized by model and year, we peruse each aisle marveling at the collection. It’s like walking into a real-life car dealership from the Gran Turismo or Forza video game franchises.

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There are three generations of Preludes beginning with a 1979 example that sit opposite every generation of Civic. Like Acuras? There is a collection of Legends and Integras that includes the holy grail of Integras; the Type R. Aside from the aforementioned final year NSX, there is also a first year 1991 model that is still driven to this day.Honda-America-Museum-31.jpg

Being a bit of a wagon-loving nerd, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the 1981 Honda Civic wagon and 1995 Honda Accord Wagon. Sure these were simple transportation devices, but man do they make me wish companies still made affordable wagons. Honda has also stored several of its electric vehicle prototypes as well as a few concept cars from the past 20 years. It was great seeing the Acura CL-X and Honda P-Nut again – perhaps more so than the first time.



In the back of the display rests several car lifts that stack historic Honda race vehicles, two high. The real-time Acura Integra and NSX from the SCCA World Challenge series reside here as well as several Indy and IRL racers. But the real highlight to our visit has to be the chance to drive a mint condition 1986 Honda CR-X. Bone stock except for a set of aftermarket wheels, the CR-X is like being sucked into a worm hole sending us back 25 years. So how does this legendary front-driver perform after all these years? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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  • James B

    Aw man, to drive that 04′ NSX or Integra Type R, would be a dream come true.

  • ColumWood

    AMEN! I’ve still somehow managed not to drive either.

  • fatboi

    I wonder whats wrong with em why they dont drive, ill fix em if I get to drive em.

  • ColumWood

    For the most part, if they’ve just been sitting they’d need a jump. And
    if Honda is going to loan them out they probably want to make sure
    everything is in perfect shape and that everything has been checked

  • Chris S

    ITS HONDA HEAVEN, I COULD ONLY DREAM OF GOING THERE! I would so love to see the Accord and Legend line up!

  • Hondapowa!

    Doesn’t look like a ’86 crx to me. Get you facts straight newbie. You don’t deserve to be there:(


    My first Honda was an 84 CRX …I’ve owned 28 hondas since then , currently I own a pilot a TL and of course an S2k …the NSX is next to complete my collection.

  • 1TrueOne55

    I remember these in the motorcycle show room in the 70’s when I took my bike in for repair. they were cramped and had chain drive…

  • Mr. Wilson

    No S2000? 🙁

  • ColumWood

    It is odd. Maybe it’s too modern to be in the museum.

  • James Sarino

    One of THE museums I’ve gotta visit when I go out there.

  • ceamodt

    @ Mr. Wilson yeah no s2k and no del sol. If they are going to make the whole set where is the Mugen RR ? Its a nice collection. I might even go see it, but i’m not going to go out of my way for it.

  • Alfie

    Odd that there are no trucks at the museum.

  • cW

    I have been to this museum, and what is presented is ~10% of what Honda stores in the back in crates on towering shelves. There are also tons of motorcycles which were not featured in the clip. Trucks? Honda did not build any ’till the Ridgeline….

  • cW

    You cannot. It is by invitation only. …and invites are hard to come by.

  • James Sarino


    What qualifications would you need to get invited?

  • Foxwon

    I have a 04 civic type R with a k20a3 and it is awesome my friends, Best car ever IMO. Power to weight ratio is unbeatable.Over 220hp and still get 38mpg.

  • docrings

    youtube search ‘HondaPro Jason Honda’s secret museum’ for a great video on the treasure…

  • docrings

    There is a red one in there now…