Toyota, Ford Agree to Develop Hybrid Trucks Separately

Toyota, Ford Agree to Develop Hybrid Trucks Separately

After announcing a potential collaboration on a new hybrid system for light trucks and SUVs in August 2011, Ford and Toyota have decided that they will develop hybrid systems individually.

The two automakers conducted a feasibility study into jointly developing a new hybrid system, and though they will be parting ways in that aspect, the two will continue to evaluate the possibility of working together on next-generation standards for telematics in addition to other areas for future collaboration.

In the statement, Toyota reaffirmed its dedication to the future development of next-generation hybrids, confirming that it remains on track to bring 18 new or redesigned hybrid models to market by the end of 2015. Toyota and Lexus combined have sold over two million hybrid vehicles in America and over five million hybrids worldwide.

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  • CA_Refugee

    What a waste of R&D $$$$$. If you want to build something that is powered by the use of a word with an “H” in it, it’s called, HYDROGEN.

    Living proof idiots exist, they purchase electric vehicles and hybrids. Someone has to pay the electric bill when you plug your car in to the wall outlet…

  • Hugo Du Bois

    How about a diesel F150? God forbid we save some gas in the USA.

  • Shawn K

    It’s not the cost savings Mr Refugee, proven by the price markup on a Hybrid and the cost of electricity these days… Its the fact that they can scrub the emissions (if power is created by fossil fuels-ie:coal) WAY better and more efficiently than they could for a few million cars. Less green house emissions means ‘Water World’ won’t happen in my lifetime!

    I too agree that Diesel trucks NEED to be more common. This will bring the cost of diesel fuel down, lowering the cost of EVERYTHING. Shoot, even bring over the diesel cars from Europe, their already making them!

  • Tim

    The hybrids don’t even make up for the energy that’s put into manufacturing them. A study says it takes about 10,000,000BTUs to build a hybrid. That’s compared to about 7 years worth of gas. Most people don’t even hold onto a vehicle for 7 years. In a way that’s hurting the environment more from notating up for energy use and getting rid of the car earlier on. Thats one common misconception some people don’t realize about hybrids being “more green”