Toyota GT86 Special Edition Teased

Toyota GT86 Special Edition Teased

With a massive rear spoiler, low front lip and little more showing, Toyota is teasing what looks like a tuned version of the GT86.

The Japanese maker will reveal the car later today before its official debut this week during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A small portion of the front lip is the only piece actually showing from under the cover, and it looks like the same front spoiler seen early this year on the Griffon Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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Don’t bet on the Griffon concept making an appearance later today, though. At least not in the same form. While the exaggerated body kit looks the same, different wheels are outlined through the cloth.

In Tokyo, the Griffon concept was on display as a super lightweight version of the GT86, tipping the scales at 2,280 lbs. The weight reduction and added performance, according to Toyota, was enough to make the car faster around the Tskuba circuit than a Ferrari 458.

This could be another evolution on that concept, but with any luck Toyota could announce plans to offer TRD kit parts to build a Griffon of your own.

GALLERY: Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon Concept


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