Toyota Holds Over 60 Percent of California’s Hybrid Market

Toyota Holds Over 60 Percent of California’s Hybrid Market

Over 60 percent of the hybrids on the road in California sport a Toyota emblem, the Japanese automaker has revealed.

According to the automaker, Californians prefer Toyota hybrids over any other automaker, with approximately six out of 10 hybrids sold in the state being Toyotas. According to registration data from R.L. Polk for year-to-date through May 2013, California residents bought five times more Toyota hybrids than its nearest competitor, Ford. Chevrolet came in third with six percent. Toyota currently holds a 61-percent market share in California for hybrids.

To put things into perspective, data shows that Toyota sold more hybrids in California than Ford sold passenger cars. The strong sales are backed by the Prius model, where one out of every two hybrids on California roadways carries the nameplate.

Since introducing the Prius to the U.S. market, Toyota has sold nearly 1.5-million Prius vehicles in America and more than 90 percent are still on the road today. The Japanese automaker also announced that it’s on track to offer 18 new or redesigned hybrid models globally by the end of 2015.

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