2013 Mercedes ML Tops Ideal Vehicle List: Survey

2013 Mercedes ML Tops Ideal Vehicle List: Survey

The 2013 Mercedes ML has been named the most ideal vehicle for Americans based on a study undertaken by automotive research and consulting firm, AutoPacific.

The ‘Ideal Vehicle Awards’ quizzed about 52,000 new vehicle owners, asking them how their new purchase lived up to their expectations and specifically asking what they would change about the car if they could.

The Mercedes-Benz ML came out on top of the study when it comes to individual vehicles, while Ram and Porsche topped the study when customers were asked about their satisfaction with mainstream and luxury brands. Ford came away with the most individual segment wins, with the F-150, Taurus, Flex and Escape topping each of their respective categories.

Toyota swept the hybrid category with the Avalon Hybrid and Lexus RX450h, while Honda took the economy car category and Porsche topped the sports car category.

  • Alfie

    The ML is a terrible car for the money. And shit reliability. Buy an equally lame Lexus RX for less and you’ll never have to fix it. MORONS