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 |  Aug 27 2013, 10:14 AM


Out of all the new vehicles that Consumer Reports has tested recently, none have improved as much compared to the previous generation as the Chevrolet Impala. 

The 2014 model-year Impala jumped up 32 points from a score of 63 to to 95, both based on a 100-point scale. The next closest vehicle in terms of improvement, the Hyundai Accent, jumped up by 20 points, still 12 shy of the Impala.

Consumer Reports writes that the Impala went from a “dated and inferior rental car option to contemporary, roomy, comfortable and enjoyable to drive. In other words, one of the very best cars on the road today.”

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Scores are based on over 50 road test evaluations that include emergency handling, fuel economy, interior, braking, control and acceleration.

The top five most improved vehicles this year according to Consumer Reports are the Chevy Impala, Hyundai Accent, Audi A6, Land Rover LR4 and the Mazda6.

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