2014 Chevy Volt Price Drops $5,000

2014 Chevy Volt Price Drops $5,000

Losing the sales battle to Nissan after the Japanese automaker slashed prices on its fully electric Leaf model Chevrolet has made the bold decision to drop the price of the Volt by $5,000.

For 2014 the Volt will now start at $34,995 (including $810 in destination) and with a $7,500 federal tax credit drops to just $27,495.

“The lower price and cost savings from driving on electricity provide Volt owners an unmatched balance of technology, capability and cost of ownership,” said Don Johnson, Chevy’s US VP of sales. “The 2014 Volt will offer the same impressive list of features, but for $5,000 less.”

“We have made great strides in reducing costs as we gain experience with electric vehicles and their components,” Johnson said. “In fact, the Volt has seen an increase in battery range and the addition of creature comforts, such as a leather-wrapped steering wheel and MyLink, since its launch in 2010.”

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It has been widely reported that Chevrolet is losing as much as $50,000 on each Volt sold. The true reason for the reduction in the retail price is to stay competitive with rival Nissan which is recently dropped the price of the Leaf by $6,000 for a new starting price of $28,800.

For 2014 the Volt offer 98 MPGe electric on electric power for a total of 38 miles and a 35/40 (city/highway) mpg rating.

  • Rick Bacon

    Best car I’ve ever owned. my 2012 delivered over 127 mpg in the first year. Over 10,000 miles on 75 gallons of gas. It’s not priced for everyone, but I couldn’t be happier… well maybe if mine had been $5,000 less.

  • Matt M

    “It has been widely reported that Chevrolet is losing as much as $50,000 on each Volt sold. ”

    This is just wrong, it includes development costs and its not how car makers budget. They do not lose money by selling a Volt, every Volt they sell they recoup some of those development costs. Overall, they have yet to see a profit but they get closer with every car they sell.

  • Randy Schilling

    What bothers me is that now my 2011 Volt is going to drop in value quite a bit. Guess I’ll just have to hold on to her a few more years. Just over 25,000miles and have burned less then 22 gallons of gas. Still say it’s the best car I have ever owned

  • smartacus


  • Honest Abe

    Is everyone who is saying the Volt is the best car they’ve ever owned the same people who have only owned other crappy Chevys in the past?