2014 Honda Accord gets Slight Price Bump

2014 Honda Accord gets Slight Price Bump

Honda has announced pricing for its full 2014 Accord lineup, with the coupe and sedan model both getting a small bump in starting price. 

Starting at the bottom, customers can pickup a base Accord for $21,955, an increase of about $300 over the 2013 model. Opt for a coupe model, and the MSRP climbs to $23,625 while the plug-in hybrid version of the car will cost $39,780. There will also be an Accord Hybrid model that does not plug in, though pricing for it has yet to be announced.

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Nothing is new about the 2014 Accord’s powertrains save new refined finishes for the Earth Dreams cam-cover emblems. The car comes standard with direct-injection 4-cylinder that makes 185 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque with a fuel economy rating of 27/36 mpg when mated to a CVT. Buyers can also get a  278-hp V6 engine that can be hooked up to a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual, though the manual is only available with the Accord Coupe.

Other updates include new exhaust tips on the Accord Coupe, new seat fabric on LX sedan models and softer headrest materials for models with leather-wrapped seats.

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  • John Macklis

    Anyone know if Led headlights will be standard next year?