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 |  Aug 01 2013, 1:31 PM

9. Interior Excellence


The A3’s exterior is a winner, and in typical Audi fashion so is its interior. There’s a reason they’re the industry benchmark for cabin design and construction. The materials are first-rate, the built quality is superb and everything feels premium, whether it’s the dashboard plastic, circular air vents or climate-control switchgear. None of these parts would look out of place in the company’s flagship A8 sedan, and that’s an impressive accomplishment for a small, relatively low-cost car. Audi is practically synonymous with interior quality and that’s as true as ever with the new A3.

  • MistyGreen

    “Things in the premium compact segment are getting hot,” right when Volvo eliminated the S40. Bad move.

  • AudiFan

    Just take my money!

  • Rex_D

    I agree. I used to love the S40. I think Volvo is using the C30 to fill that spot, however I won’t buy one because the lack of 4 doors.