2015 Ford Mustang to Shed 400 Pounds

2015 Ford Mustang to Shed 400 Pounds

When the 2015 Ford Mustang surfaces, not only will it feature an independent rear suspension and a turbocharged engine, it could weigh as much as 400 pounds less than the current model.

The current Ford Mustang V6 weighs in at 3,523 pounds with an automatic transmission and as the American automaker searches for ways to improve its sport car’s fuel efficiency, having the Mustang go on a diet is a main priority. According to a source close to the Mustang project, Ford is working on removing “a minimum of 400 pounds” for the next-generation ‘Stang.

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In addition, the Mustang will be slightly smaller with less overhang on all sides of the sports car. It is believed that the overall length of the new Mustang will be approximately 15 inches shorter while its width will be about 6.5 inches narrower than the current model.

The 2015 Ford Mustang coupe is expected to make its debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show or at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

[Source: Edmunds]

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  • WOW!!!!

  • Alfie

    This car is going to kick SO MUCH ASS!

  • mustang sally

    Not liking the front end

  • onlycodered

    That is a render and nothing what the official car will look like.

  • onlycodered

    Kicking myself for buying a 2012 now. Keeps getting better and better!

  • Mark Carlson

    No way it will be 15″ shorter. That would be shorter than a Mustang II. Not gonna happen.

  • Honest Abe

    OK.. thanks for the info Bill Ford.

  • Camaro4Life

    LOL… I’d kick you to for buying that POS.

  • Alfie

    Yea. These guys have been spot on with renderings in the past. I REALLY hope they’re right about this one.

  • onlycodered

    And yet it’s funny how even with less power and a solid rear axle the Mustang is still faster than the Camaro pig.

  • Camaro4Life

    Maybe in some BS magazine test on a perfectly smooth racetrack… but once you add in a single bump in the road that solid rear axle makes your precious rustang hop so bad it can’t hold a corner at all.

  • Transpower

    The new Mustang needs to have a 50/50 front/back weight balance for it to be competitive with serious sports cars. Will it?

  • onlycodered

    It’s funny how wrong you are.

  • valorian

    If that is what you think then you obviously have never driven a Mustang.

  • biffster10

    Handling will improve most of all. It still won’t handle like my Lotus (street legal go-kart), but it’s a big step in the right direction.

  • Paul

    Fair play -that’s progress. I make that roughly 1605 Kg and down 180 Kg if they pull it off. The new Range Rover shed about 450Kg, so the Mustang is looking for a modest 12% less from an overweight & squashy car – seems possible.Pretty looking as well. Will still be annihilated by a Lotus dynamically though.

  • Larry M. Shelton

    the 69 Camaro IS BEAUTY THE 2013 CAMARO UGLY.


    Once again? This story is about 3 years old, and they keep putting it out like it’s new information! Dig the rendering though. I was wondering what the latest Fusion would look like as a 2 door sport coupe- now I know- it will look like a Mustang!

  • gixxxerdan

    it says “turbo charged engine”, will that also be a V8? Or will they be bitching the car with a V6?

  • Emph

    By that standard neither are the Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche
    911, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lotus Elise and many other top sports cars.

  • ColumWood

    If I had to wager I’d say it will get a V8 and a turbo 4-cylidner. Ford is apparently working on a 2.3-liter version of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost in the Focus ST. That engine makes 252 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque and appears to be underrated. That said, this new 4-cylinder will make similar power to the current V6. And in a package that’s 400 lbs lighter, it will be impressive!

  • cdgasman

    It doesn’t have to be taken serious as a sports car because it is a muscle car. They just have to keep the muscle car tradition.

  • Dude

    so from looking at all the clay model photos and some of the renderings, form is somewhat Jag XK, muscly Miata, and Evos. You could do worse…! 😉

  • teacherofenglish

    I guess I’m the only one, but I like it.

  • Dianna Valdez

    would love to have one of the 1000 but I’m sure they’re already taken so I’ll wait for one of the standard 2015’s… holding my breath and hoping Ford does US justice while it expands through Europe

  • rocktown

    As a former ’66 Mustang owner.. so far.. I like it! It needs a refreshing.

  • Joe

    Take that Mustang emblem off the car PLEASE its not a Stang looks horrible. Ford why do you not look at your past attempts with redesigning the mustang 74-78 your about to do it again. just because Detroit went down in flames does not mean the mustang has to follow. Just saying

  • RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan

    Id like to see a 4 cylinder turbo boost diesel engine available to get 50 miles to the gallon.It would be economical and a fun car to drive.

  • joe

    Oh Hell with it just end it and make it into a 4 door sedan then put it in Nascar at least that way Ford can recoup some money they are going to lose with this design. DUMB@ss

  • Richard Upton

    My 2011 GT already does. Nay Sayers welcome. But if you get nasty, forget it.

  • Carmine Fragione

    If this new Mustang is another front wheel drive car like the Ford Probe , then it will be rejected . The classic race car must be rear wheel drive, so that the driver steers the front wheels with the steering wheel and steers the rear wheels with the gas pedal, in cornering practice. That is a real race car design. Front wheel drive is a passenger car only.

  • Alex Sal

    Coupe market is dead and noise doesn’t = sales. Ford needs more cars that will sell globally. 4Cyl Mustang is perfect for an emerging market like China where Ford is way behind GM and German brands.

  • Ryan

    Not necessarily. I drive a turbocharged fwd and love it. I agree a rwd platform for the mustang seems ideal but a turbocharged 2.4l 4 banger can easily be tuned in excess of 550hp. I personally enjoy the lighter weight high boost application and if I can get it in rwd that’s a plus but not a deal breaker. Not sure America is buying a race car these days anyways. I put 330hp to the wheels and enjoy 26mpg. A rwd v8 doesn’t offer me that. Looking forward to the new platform!

  • Lush Rimbaugh

    I know it’s a stang and not a vette, but the new vettes will have 465hp, an equal amount of lb-ft torque and in eco cruising get 30mpg. The little 4 bangers can stretch the hp and usually burn out before their time, but they never match the throw-you-back-in-your-seat torque.

  • Lush Rimbaugh

    It really doesn’t look like a stang, but it does look really cool.

  • KevanDeea

    Coupe market is dead??? Noise doesn’t sell??? Well I see many coupes running around, and many of them have had their exhaust tuned, not only for performance but the noise too!!
    A 4cyl Mustang??? I see many engine combinations being available, to suit every niche. I think though the base engine will be an eco boost 6, from there it will be pick your poison.

  • KevanDeea

    I do like the rendering, and hope it is very very close to the real deal. While different, it still retains styling clues that make it a Mustang. I also am all for the independent rear suspension and loss of weight.
    Can’t wait to see the new Mustang, I am pretty confident that Ford did their home work on this one and won’t dissappoint, like the Mustang II, or won’t be a mini Fusion.
    And this platform I think will support a wide variety of engine combinations that won’t alienate any prospective buyer, but the Eco Boost 6 will probably be the base motor.

  • Chris Ford

    IMO this is the best looking mustang so far…lol a lot prettier then my ’98

  • meathead

    I like it, it looks pissed off! just what a muscle car should look like. pissed off…

  • BillW65

    Remember when Ford made the Mustang smaller in 1974-1978? They named it the Mustang II. I had a brand new ’76 with the cast iron, naturally aspirated, German V-6 and 4 spd. I was amazed at the power that V-6 put out. I ordered it plain-jane, candy apple red with matching interior. Cost me $4396.00. I loved it and wish I had it back.

  • Fuzzy Fernandez

    Former ’67 fastback w/ 335hp 390 owner (when it was new) and I must say that it is time for a little different flavor for the Mustang. This design is awesome

  • Nick Morrison

    Nice move ford

  • Nick Morrison

    Want a puppy Rachel???

  • First Last

    Nice rendering, too bad the production version will come out riding about 3 inches higher off the ground than this one (and all that lift will show up in the wheel wells of course).

    I’m looking forward to a fresh styling reboot. OTOH, I just hope they don’t screw up the IRS geometry as bad as the Camaro’s or the 3-series (see them bunny-hopping all over a track near you at the next open-track event).

  • Scritti Politti

    “too bad the production version will come out riding about 3 inches higher off the ground”

    That’s not a bad thing. The vehicle needs to be drivable on real roads. Having the undercarriage slam into the ground at every intersection (and the tires abrading the wheel wells) isn’t acceptable for most people.

  • Scritti Politti

    Not digging the hatchback look.

    But the weight-loss rumor is welcome. The Mustang’s fat ass has needed a diet for many years.

  • Scritti Politti

    Front-wheel drive would absolutely ruin the Mustang. That’s not seriously a rumor, is it?

  • Scritti Politti

    “your about to do it again”

    you + are = YOU’RE

  • Scritti Politti

    You’re right that the Mustang isn’t a sports car, but “the muscle-car tradition” doesn’t tell us anything. They need to field a competent vehicle, and that means restoring the decent weight distribution that it had even into the ’90s. The last 15 years of bloat has made an already fat-assed car into even more of a hog.

  • Velek

    Actually, I like it! Plus the excessive weight was one of the things that kept me from buying one of the current models.

  • Jason

    You’re right. There are no current rwd v8s that make anything as low as 330hp to the wheels. Most of the current cars can also get close to 30mpg on the highway, and low-mid 20’s average. Plus, no torque steer.

  • Chuckster

    It is believed that the overall length of the new Mustang will be approximately 15 inches shorter while its width will be about 6.5 inches narrower than the current model.

    Can you say Mustang II

  • 64 Fairlane

    I am not sure if I like it or not…..but it looks a helluva lot better than the next gen Camaro renderings I’ve seen.

  • Jon Gray

    I can’t say I’m a fan, but it’s unmistakably a Mustang. I dig pretty much everything except for the front fascia and the Ford emblem on the hood.

  • Tom Turrise

    Front looks like a Taurus….yuck ! But, I do like the flared fenders and forward rake !

  • Dennis

    Yeah Baby! Drop 400#, IRS and a Supercharged 5.0! That’s a total weight of around 3200# & Bitch, now your talk’n! That would be 1/2 the $$$ of an Obama Motors Corvette!

  • mitch c

    I sure hope you aren’t an American! No self respecting American would buy one of those hideous, Chinese-ObamaMobiles willingly, would they? Nah……. Especially when they are so slow compared to Base Mustang GT.

  • Brian

    It looks like it came from overseas. American muscle cars are quickly loosing their domestic appeal. 400 pound diet? That’s what a superchargers for! I don’t like the rear end in my car but a suspension overhaul would have been preferred. Ford One is a bad idea for the icon the Mustang represents. I’m on my third Mustang; two GTs and a Shelby. Challengers are beginning to look a whole lot better after seeing this thing.

  • Jason

    The front is awesome except for the Ford emblem. They need to put some of length back behind the rear wheels . The rear quarter looks like an Italian conept car .

  • ramon

    hatchback? Are they going to bring those back?

  • willardr

    Ford emblem on the front hood has to go.

  • rhjae

    They need to go back to the drawing board. This is horrible what they have done to the Mustang.

  • JD

    Mustang II anyone? NO THANKS!

  • byrnech

    I have seen drawings that I really like, this is not one of them. I hope this isn’t the final rendering. If so I will be buying a 11-14 GT 5.0.

  • MargieBling

    I LOVE MY 2013 GT PREM 5.0 WITH FORD RACING EXHAUST UPGRADE and other add-ons (see other comment below.) Yes, go back to even 2008, which is what I had prior to this even BETTER STANG. 2014 is basically the same as the 2013 also but no more Candy Apple Red, only Ruby Red now. And I agree with other comment that 2016 hopefully will retreat back to a better look in the future. Ford does this changeover occasionally, on purpose?, to increase sales in future models.

  • steve

    this is 2015 Mustang model has discouraged me. I didnt like it at all. And why Ford label on front of hood. remove it please.I feel so proud and happy that I bought 2014 model 2 months back.

  • Dave K.

    This thing looks like it was designed by Nissan, 400Z?

  • trainman

    I have been a Mustang person for years. This one is hidious. The designs just get worse and worse. Sorry Ford. Didn’t get my vote this time. I’ll stick with older models.

  • vic

    If you think this looks bad? wait until the bean counters have at it, it will look like an 80’s escort…

  • sgc1999

    I love It!!!

  • scook84

    15″ shorter?! Might as well make it a two-seater for all the good it will do for anyone sitting in the back. My 2010 ‘Stang is barely adequate now.

  • John

    I think they are considering a name change to, if i recall its going to be called a probe.

  • Frank

    Hey if this thing from the factory comes with 475 crank HP… My 2012 Yellow Blaze Boss 302 is going on the for sell block…

  • dubfun

    The photos accompanying this article are just renderings from someone’s imagination; they are not official Ford photos. Don’t get your panties in a bunch until you see the real thing.

  • Mike Lowry

    15 inches shorter and 6 .5 inches narrower? That is quite a bit…

  • Sarsy

    Okay.. phew!

  • Rollbars

    Kick ass!

  • Bugzy

    Nice looking Camaro.

  • Stang03

    There goes the AMERICAN MUSCLE look errrrrrr!!!!

  • Jerry Petrowski

    kill it with fire!!!

  • i p standing

    chico,,4cyl,,aye meng

  • Rod Griffus

    I am shocked at how ugly this car is. If this is really what they plan to have the new Mustang looks like I will cancel my thoughts of purchasing one. Nissan can keep the ugly things and I will stick to my FORD MUSTANG!!!

  • Rod Griffus

    And to think that I thought the old Mustang II’s were ugly! WOW!!!!

  • Super Bill

    THIS IS A CONCEPTUAL DRAWING! It may look completely different when it is shown to the public. I think it is ugly too but let’s wait before we all become disappointed.

  • Rod Griffus

    I have heard the “it’s conceptual” before! If this is the concept it looks nothing like a Mustang. If Ford wants to sell cars in Europe and Japan then buy out Nissan. If they want to continue the Mustang line of cars then leave the Mustang name off this ugly pig!

  • Rod Griffus

    Seems like every story out there regarding the 2015 Mustang refers to this style of a car. This is beyond concept!


    Ford design boss J Mays was quoted as saying, “The challenge or the opportunity for 2014 with a 50th-anniversary car is to not just look back over your shoulder, but to try to win all of the Mustang faithful, yet bring the brand forward as well.” An earlier piece in Britain’s Auto Express speculated that the 2015 Mustang would be the “most European-friendly version of the coupe ever.”

    “The only thing ‘retro’ about it are the proportions — long hood, short deck,” the Ford insider said.

    This looks nothing like a Mustang to me. It looks like a rice burner Japanese car! It certainly won’t win over this classic Mustang faithful! If they want to produce this car then go ahead but don’t trash the Mustang line with this half-breed of the EVOS and Japanese brand car.

  • RLL

    If history repeats itself, then this is the Ford Mustang II from the mid-late 70’s version. UGLY. Again, stick with what works!!!!

  • DMcG

    This is the rendering I like. The more recent rendering is like S197 Lite, and I don’t like it as much. But tell you what, with those wheelhouses, this car would NOT be 7 inches narrower than the current car or the interior would be the size of a Fiat 500. Let’s hope we are not going there.

  • Jorge

    15 inches shorter and 7 inches narrower?! What the fuck!….. does it ring a bell to anyone else that knows about mustang history? 1974, here we go again :'(

  • Roy Batty

    I think the rendering looks great especially how the rear wheels are pushed back. The front end on the other hand looks too familiar.

  • Shortcirkit

    The rear of the mustang makes you think of a Porch . Not bad

  • michael wissbaum

    I think it has potential. The design has to evolve and at least it does not look like a Mustang II. This is statement comes from a Mach 1 owner…. You can only be retro for finite amount of time, before something new has to evolve.

  • Dorian J

    Don’t hate the Player hate the game…it is time for a facelift…Mustang looks great…Great lines…it’s anew evolution…Mustang has been retro far too long.
    Ford let’s do this!!!!

  • Arjay

    I like it.

  • Stephanie

    now it looks like every other sports car out there, retro is what made it stand out….doesn’t look like mustang

  • say,no,to,toyota

    It looks like a g35.

  • Charles Spratlin

    What Ford has seemingly failed to realize, is that the Mustang’s decline in sales came around right as its two oldest rivals re-entered the market. With the rebirth of the Challenger and Camaro, the Mustang had solid competition again for the first time in 6 years. And unlike the two new cars, the Stang’s initial power plants were rather anemic. 300 horse from a 4.6 V8 until 2011 when the new Coyote 5.0 came out, anyone else think this had something to do with poor sales?

    To be honest, I rather like the retro style but will also admit she needs to change every so often. But a super radical departure from tradition is going to drive the purists straight into the arms of the competition, who are bringing their own new big guns to bear that same year. Get a new Camaro in 15, and a new Challenger AND the return of the Barracuda.

    Going too far is going to bite Ford in the ass.

  • Rod Griffus

    Glad I bought my ’66 this week rather than wait for the new ugly pig! The back of the car in the rendering reminds me think of the song by Queen, “Fat Bottom Girls”!

  • Rod Griffus

    However, they don’t have to make a MUSTANG look like every other car in their lineup. This looks like a freakish version of a Fusion and Hyundai!

  • Rod Griffus

    Looks like a enormous “Fat Bottom Girl”.

  • jeff

    is everyone looking at the same fucking picture this looks dope!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Fuck everyone saying this looks bad ford probably wont make it look like this now so disappointed. The evos concept looks like shit. This design is absolutely amazing and will bring the mustang back as the #1 muscle cars. Ford i am begging you please use this design it would be so stupid not to…… please!!!!!!!!

  • Justice

    No, Fuck you for saying this Ford looks good.