2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Will be Automatic Only

2015 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Will be Automatic Only

Just like the new Porsche 911 GT3, the higher-performance RS model, which is scheduled to arrive dealerships in late 2014, won’t be available with a manual transmission.

Taking the GT3 and making it more extreme, the German automaker is expected to put the RS variant on a diet with lightweight panels such as a carbon fiber roof. In addition, the GT3 RS will be offered with Porsche’s PDK twin-clutch transmission only, as developing a manual transmission wouldn’t be cost effective for the automaker.

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As for its body, the GT3 RS is expected to use the wider 911 Turbo body, which is about one-inch wider than the GT3 that is going on sale in the U.S. this November. Aerodynamics will be further enhanced on the more extreme RS model, along with stiffer and more tuned suspension, and a shorter final drive for tighter gear ratios.

The powerplant for the GT3 RS remains an unknown, as the German automaker could equip it with a 4.0-liter flat-six motor, or use the 3.8-liter from the GT3 and modify it for more performance.

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  • CA_refugee

    That is a complete bummer. That is the point of a fine car like that, a manual gear box. You become one with the machine. Flappy paddles, don’t give you the same level of intimacy… shame on you Porsche.

  • FordV8Supercar

    The only reason they would make an automatic-only GT3 RS is so that anyone can drive it around the track fast. Personally I think it’s a real shame that they didn’t go the effort of making a real driver’s car. What a shame, I like the GT3 RS cars but I’m a real fan of the manual gearbox and wouldn’t buy anything else (unless it was a Veyron or something, idk)

  • Real720

    The reason they made it automatic is because autos are faster than manuals.

  • Real720

    It’s faster than a manual.. Get over it. And this is coming from someone who drives a manual M3.

  • Fox

    For folks like me – its a race against time – and maybe even against the winds of change in automotive history – to get cars like the 2013 GT3 RS in manual. By the time I can afford it, I’ll be stuck with the PDK slushboxes as I wont buy any car 2nd hand.

    I get that the PDK is faster, maybe even better than a manual. But theres no real replacement with the intimacy that comes from shifting gears yourself, feeling the cogs disengage as you have greater control of the throttle. Besides, how are you supposed to get the tail out, redline at will, and control forward creep on a PDK?

  • Joe Garvey

    Who cares if it’s faster! Will you be professionally competing with said car? If not, then wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have a sport car that focuses on driver involvement for the simple pleasure of doriving??

    I’m so sick of this foolish argument about the failmatics being faster. Great! Save them for the race cars. Give me the 3 pedals please!