Aston Martin CC100 Concept Video, First Look

Aston Martin CC100 Concept Video, First Look

You only turn 100 years old once… if you’re lucky. Aston Martin built a special design study to celebrate its centenary. Called the CC100, the car connects with the company’s heritage and hints at where it’s going in the future.

Naturally this is a one-off concept but almost unbelievably it was designed and constructed in Britain, taking just six weeks to complete.

The CC100’s inspiration was the legendary DBR1, the Aston Martin that won Le Mans in 1959. It’s built around a V12 Vantage chassis and extensively takes advantage mass-cutting carbon fiber, though the vehicle’s overall weight is unknown… apparently Aston hasn’t put it on a scale yet.

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As a concept, this vehicle whispers about the future, or what could be. Aston Martin designers are toying with a couple things: different grille shapes and the use of a styling element called “negative surfaces,” parts of the body that are sort of sunken down. The car’s open doors are one of its coolest features.

As eye-catching as the CC100 looks, it isn’t a trailer queen destined to spend its life on auto-show turntables. No, it’s actually built for the racetrack and it’s totally drivable on the street.

Without totally tipping their hand, Aston Martin representatives say a car like this COULD make it into production, but really it’s more likely just a design study, and a really cool one at that.

GALLERY: Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept


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