BMW Concept M4 Coupe Video, First Look

BMW Concept M4 Coupe Video, First Look

BMW’s 3 Series Coupe is fading away. It’s soon to be replaced by the all-new 2014 4 Series, a car that’s powered by either a four- or six-cylinder turbo. But what about drivers that want even more performance than what’s provided by these base engines? There’s no need to call Scooby Doo and company because the Concept M4 Coupe is a pretty obvious clue as to what’s in the works.

The company’s press release about this car calls it “The true essence of BMW.” From the outside this two-door looks like it’s going to continue their tradition of putting racing-grade technology in street-going cars that you can drive every day. So far they’ve done it for four generations with the M3, which is one of the world’s most respected performance nameplates.

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This concept is covered in distinctive “Aurum Dust” paint. It’s a sort of goldish-greenich yellow hue… or so I’ve been told. Being partially color blind it is a little hard to tell.

The car rolls on bi-colored 20-inch alloy wheels with split spokes, a distinctive BMW Motorsport trait that’s carried through on the M4’s grille slats.

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Like many performance cars this one features a sporty profile with a long hood, shot overhangs and a lanky wheelbase. The front splitter, roof and rear diffuser are all constructed of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic to save weight… and likely increase the price. Aerodynamic trickery such as ventilated wheel arches help the M4 slice through the wind like a cracking bullwhip.

Today’s M3 is powered by a SCREAMING 4.0-liter V8. It’s a somewhat old school engine in that it’s rev-happy and naturally aspirated – there’s no turbo or supercharger to be found. All told it cranks out 414 high-strung horsepower. And take it from me, winding one out is more fun than dumping medical waste on a public beach.

Unfortunately BMW has not mentioned what powerplant lurks under the Concept M4’s hood, as it is just a design study. Could it be a V6, or maybe a hybrid? Who knows?! It might even run on steam.

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In all seriousness though it’s essentially guaranteed the car will have a turbocharged inline-six with something like 450 horsepower. And whether you’re color blind or not it’s plain to see that is pretty sweet.

GALLERY: BMW Concept M4 Coupe at Pebble Beach


GALLERY: BMW Concept M4 Coupe


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