BMW Fuel Cell Vehicle Under Consideration

BMW Fuel Cell Vehicle Under Consideration

Now that BMW has officially unveiled its first, purpose-built full-electric vehicle, the German automaker’s CEO has reiterated that BMW is committed to fuel-cell technology as well, and is considering a production fuel-cell vehicle.

BMW wants to take the same approach it did with its i3 on a fuel-cell vehicle, designing and building one from the ground up to use hydrogen-powered fuel cells. The German automaker envisions a future where all the vehicles on the road emit zero emissions and acknowledges that fuel-cell vehicles will allow drivers to go long distances without the limitations of electric charging.

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Fuel-cell vehicles have been called to question given that hydrogen is not readily available, and most hydrogen sourced today comes from CO2-emitting processes. But then again, when electric vehicles first debuted, critics believed the infrastructure needed to support them would never happen. Though electric vehicle sales hasn’t exactly taken off the way automakers have hoped, recent months of increasing sales show that the market is certainly promising and is heading in the right direction.

BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer also added that it would work with Toyota on a purpose-built, fuel-cell vehicle. The Japanese automaker is planning to launch its own fuel-cell vehicle in 2015 and recently teamed up with other Japanese automakers to outfit the U.S. with more electric vehicle charging stations.



[Source: Motor Authority]

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