Chevrolet Cruze Recalled for Brake Assist Defect

Chevrolet Cruze Recalled for Brake Assist Defect

General Motors is issuing out a recall on 292,879 Chevrolet Cruze sedans in the U.S. over a brake assist defect that has caused 27 low-speed crashes.

The recall affects 2011-2012 model year Cruze vehicles equipped with the 1.4-liter, turbo engine and six-speed automatic transmission. The American automaker didn’t delve into details on what caused the defect, but did state that it had to do with the vehicle’s brake assist function.

Though there has been 27 related crashes, no injuries have been reported in connection to the problem.

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  • Honest Abe

    Another quality GM product.

  • chavitz

    Don’t worry. Just pay some money to J.D. Power to get a shing quality rating for Cruz

  • Christopher Miles

    I have one of these (since late 2011) and this is the second recall (the other was minor- for an oil change/plug issue) All in all, except for the non-intuitive entertainment system- I am really pleased with the comfort and economy from this little fella- perfect for the missus’ everyday driving. She loves it.

    This is the first GM product I’ve tried in some 20+ years, but I’m ok with these minor recalls. There are a host of recalls from other manufacturers both foreign and domestic, both made here in the US and elsewhere. This is NOT my ’86 skylark 3.0 V6 N body that truly was both badly engineered and built

    Good luck GM- Impala seems nice- watch the quality on that one too. Oh, and please fix the dealer experience… asap. Haggling is worse than root canal.

  • Steven R. Machado

    I was/am a bit disappointed that everything the infotainment center has to offer and it doesnt play video? To add insult to injury.. 28K for my LTZ with all the bells and whistles and I find that its worse than world of warcraft. I got the gear but I have to pay to play. Damn gas nor anything works by allowing the car to tether to an ISP or gateway.. noooo I have to pay like 40 p/month in addition to the car payment. This is the largest crock I have ever had the displeasure of being tricked into. The styling is great though and so is performance but with everything that works without onstar or XM I could have gotten a plain jane and saved a ton.

  • John Thomas

    This is an amazing car for the price. Great MPG and a solid ride.

  • Crap GM

    Garbage car

  • Nancy Hines

    Well, I just got rid of my piece of junk Cruze after 28 months. If there was a recall or bulletin with a problem, my Cruze had it. Also had problems they “couldn’t replicate”, like the hesitation when stepping on the gas and an increasing roar that sounded like bad wheel bearings. So happy with my new Hyundai! I think I’m more of a mechanic than the Goodwrench people…and I’m a 67 yr old woman.

  • Rodney Robichaud

    now is this recall only for the US or is it for Canada as well?

  • Guest

    I get a kick out of all the “Piece of junk car” comments. I know half of ’em are from people who expect Mercedes level luxury at cheap prices. News flash, do some research and test drives before you buy. This car gives you the cabin noise level of most luxury cars, a smooth ride with no noticeable body roll and it isn’t harsh over bumps. The engine sounds decent, the layout of the dash is nice and the ergonomics are good. The Back seat is minuscule, verging on pathetic in terms of legroom, the fuel economy is less than average for the class and the price is borderline obscene. GM also refuses to stand by their products. Mazda 3 is mediocre, Honda Civic has a silky manual but it’s noisy and underwhelming in almost every way, the Elantra tries to be too many things but if I had to pick a car other than the Cruze the Elantra is definitely up there and absolutely love the Misses’ Subaru Impreza. Solid car, well built, plenty of space, the AWD system is awesome and Subaru was a pleasure to deal with. So bearing in mind the comments on the Cruze, it’s a great car if you wan’t nice ride, low cabin noise and smooth cruising but GM’s games and blatant lack of interest in Customer Service has forever soured me to the brand and the price for the Cruze is hard to justify given a fully loaded Elantra costs what my base 1.8L with 6-speed manual does more or less. So there, something a little more intelligent than some of the swill and crap I’ve read in the comments section so far. Stick to facts people, blind hate makes you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Bottom line, Impreza if you wan’t solid build quality and top reliability, Civic if you can get past the anemic engine (One of the best shifting manuals I’ve ever driven on the plus side) but also very reliable, Elantra for the insane level of features for the price…..Better yet, do some research and test drive the hell out of as many cars in the class as possible. I was willing to pay extra for the ride comfort and low noise level. Not one car in this class and very few in the class above can match it. I also bought the 1.8L 6-speed manual because anyone who actually buys an auto expecting good performance when the gas is pressed is fooling themselves. In this class and the one below it, very few cars have auto’s that can match the manual for overall performance. Go a class higher if you don’t like stick and save yourself and those of us who know what this class offers the trouble of reading complaints that could have been prevented by not jumping into the car before all the facts were known. Sorry if that sounded harsh but I hate ignorance.

  • Patty

    Too bad they can’t figure out a fix for the antifreeze smell issue.

  • Chris Black

    Let’s break it down. Very few, if any cars below $40,000 can match the Cruze for Noise level and ride comfort/handling balance. The ergonomics in the front cabin are also good as is the visibility. Trunk space is decent but the hinges protruding into the trunk are an oversight. The back seat is laughable and GM’s customer service is shameful (and that’s being nice). Luckily my dealers Service area is excellent and are the only part of GM I don’t despise at this point. The 6-speed manual 1.8L is the model I have and I knew what I was getting when I bought it. If it wasn’t for the quietness, the visibility and the ride comfort/handling I wouldn’t have bought it. It was worth the extra in that sense. If you aren’t willing to pay extra and sacrifice some backseat room for ride quality/comfort and a quieter drive steer clear. And that’s not a dis, cars are personal and everyone want’s something different from a car. The Elantra will give you far more bells and whistles for the price, the Impreza is the car the misses drives and it’s awesome (manual tranny as well), Civic has one of the best manual transmissions I’ve ever driven but it feels cheap when in motion, the Mazda 3 is okay, every Ford I drove short of the Mustang sucked and the Dodge Dart was actually impressive. Bottom line, big world of cars out there, do research, test drive and blame yourself if you buy a car you dislike because it was you who failed to do the research. GM corporate is a nightmare to deal with at any level and they have no interest in customer satisfaction. I figured they’d changed since I bought my Cobalt SS (’08) (Cruze is a 2012) and boy was I wrong. Thankfully, I like the car so I can live until I can jump ship to either Hyundai or Subaru and possibly Dodge. So if you want facts instead of hate, check out consumer reports. Motor Trend, Car and Driver, etc… are all limited to what they can write about as car and the dealership send them the vehicles they want. Consumer reports buys their vehicles from dealerships and factors that into the ratings. They also poll people who own these cars. Weigh their reviews against other reviews and combine it with test driving to draw a conclusion. If you aren’t happy with your car, you have yourself to blame, because no one forced you to buy it (in most cases lol)

  • John

    I like my 2011 LT2 1.4L. … Aside from the 6 speed auto. A little jumpy in shifts… My first 6 speed … Thinkin’ it is normal though… Ride nice… Style awesome… Options good… Some chevy dealers really do suck!! I found good one , way out in country!! NW Illinois area… I truly think GM acssecories are really lame compared to after market!! If GM got there collective heads out of there butts, they make some money with acsesories!! I am in my forties and really believe GM is not connecting with younger generations … 20’s, look to scion or honda for the lead on that…when will GM try to tap market for AWD vehicles such as subaru. … How about never?? … Heads to far up butt!!

  • BKTB

    76,000 miles, late 2011 Eco manual. 42.3 mpg average for my 150 miles per day running 78 mph. Only had a speaker and a floor mat replaced under warranty. No recalls on my car other than the trimming of the bottom engine cover. No coolant smell. To reduce, or eliminate, your coolant smell: run your coolant tank slightly low, about 1/2″, to allow more expansion space. Let your engine idle and cool for 1 to 2 minutes before shutdown. All turbos should be cooled for a moment before shutdown, esp. in hot weather. This will cool the turbo and help eliminate the coolant boil at the turbo. Coolant boiling at the turbo after shutdown is causing high system pressure which is being vented. My car did hesitate, but running a quality 93 octane will take care of it. If you are running Speedway or other cheap gas, you are not doing your car, or yourself, any favors. Run a full tank of Shell, BP, or Mobil (or other quality fuel where you live) premium 93 octane and you will be pleasantly surprised. I think the premium fuel will have more effect on 2011s but I’m not sure. I think GM did some calibration work after 2011. The wife drives a 2013 LT2 manual that runs fine on 89 octane, 87 octane quality fuel would probably be fine but I prefer 89. Did I say Speedway fuel is garbage? At the same time, make sure your plugs are set to .032″ (1.4 L) I’ve found that is the sweet spot. Yes, I know that is out of GM spec… My car did grind going into 2nd gear a half dozen times on a quick shift but a change to Redline MT-85 has seemed to fix that. There are a few things that are not perfect, and GM should have had them right out of the box (seriously GM, you can do better) but I did pay less than $20,000 (new) for my Eco and I am getting fantastic fuel economy which saves me money everyday. Looking at my experience for less than $20,000, I can’t complain. All I can say is it wasn’t that long ago that all the Toyota owners were crying….No thank you.

  • Cindy

    Hi Patty,
    I had the odor issue with my 2011 Cruze. After returning it for service 6 times, I finally got a call from GM Canada where I was advised that the Engineers were looking into the problem. It’s been fixed! Finally!! Try this link, it give you some ideas. Mine was the glycol based lubricant (in the link its #2B)
    Best of luck to you.

  • pbf98

    really? I thought maybe I was the only one having that issue

  • Tony9458

    Mine was a bad water-pump. It was covered under the warranty.

  • sillyone

    Patty – they did! If you call your dealer they will know about it. It is related to lubricant breaking down in the HVAC area. It is not a recall but it is a service bulletin. They just figured this out a few months ago. The fix would be covered.

  • Gene LT2012

    I’ve had this happen and called my Chevy garage today. This is currently a tech bulletin # 291324. They replaced the brake booster vacuum pipe and switch for free. I’ve had the brakes lose their “power assist” at least 4 times in the past year – 2 in a parking lot and that is scary! Anyway, they said NO recall at this time.