Commute, Toy or Destroy – C1 Corvette vs. C4 Corvette vs. C5 Corvette

Commute, Toy or Destroy – C1 Corvette vs. C4 Corvette vs. C5 Corvette

We are back with this week’s instalment of AutoGuide’s interactive weekly feature ‘Commute, Toy or Destroy’.

Once again, we present to you, our faithful readers, a choice of three vehicles. We are asking you to decide which one you would make your daily driver, which one would bring home the trophies from the track or concourse, and which one should be turned into a fibreglass plant bed.

Remember, that commuter car you must live with every day, all year around. The toy would be only available to you for occasional use on weekends or holidays, and the final car is best forgotten about in a junkyard.

This week we continue the theme from last week and offer up three more generations of Corvettes. First, we have the Corvette that started it all, the C1. Next, is the C4 Corvette that brought with it a modern shape and performance in the 1980s. Finally, there is the C5 Corvette that returned to Le Mans and won it for the General.

Chevrolet Corvette C1


What hasn’t already been said about this car? It is the first Corvette ever and began a lineage that has spanned over 60 years. Available initially with only an inline-six cylinder engine and automatic transmission, the Corvette finally got a power bump from a small block V8 in 1955. Right before this generation was retired, the ‘Vette received four rear taillights, a design theme ever since (okay, the C7 has squares…but you get the idea)

Chevrolet Corvette C4


After skipping model year 1983, the C4 debuted in 1984 with styling that was a major departure from the C3. The squarer, wedgey shape has become the iconic look for modern Corvettes and the C5 and C6 were designed along the same general theme. The C4 came in many special edition models like the Grand Sport, but none were mightier than the DOHC V8 ZR-1.

Chevrolet Corvette C5


The C5 was introduced with an all-new Chevrolet small block V8. As impressive as this new 345 hp LS1 engine was, it was in 2001 when the Corvette received some serious performance. The Z06 was (re)born with a LS6 V8 that by 2004 was pumping out a very healthy 405 hp. Some of the performance pieces designed for the Z06 were created from lessons learned during the Corvette’s many Le Mans victories.



  • CA_Refugee

    Much easier this week. Thx!

    Toy = C1
    Commute = C5 (Z06)
    Destroy = C4

  • smartacus

    Hey, now that i think of it; C4 would be a dandy commuter.

    C4 is old enough to be exempt from emissions tests in some states.

    It’s cheaper to insure than the newer C5 or older C1

    C4 has decades of aftermarket and online support

    Swapping complete powertrains, suspensions, interiors, and exteriors would be far easier and cheaper.

    Plus it has the second shortest wheelbase of all vettes (Chevette wheelbase is still almost 3″ shorter)