Corvette Hybrid a ‘Very Attractive Idea’: President

Corvette Hybrid a ‘Very Attractive Idea’: President

Does the idea of a Chevorlet Corvette hybrid make you laugh? General Motors President Mark Reuss recently made it clear that idea isn’t as far fetched as it sounds.

With other supercars turning to hybrid technology to bolster performance, such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and the McLaren P1, it’s really not a stretch to believe GM would invest into building a torque-monster Stingray hybrid. Even Nissan is working on a hybrid powertrain for its next-generation GT-R, which could make an appearance sooner rather than later.

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In a recent interview with the L.A. Times, GM President Mark Reuss went on the record saying that a Corvette hybrid is “a very attractive idea, actually,” and that “it would be really fun to do.”

With fuel economy regulations getting more strict, automakers have had to find clever ways to boost performance in their flagship sports car models while improving fuel efficiency. One such way is a hybrid powertrain. Of course Chevrolet will always continue finding new ways to boost its Corvette model’s performance, so don’t laugh when you see a Corvette hybrid in your rearview mirror in the near future.

[Source: L.A. Times]

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  • CA_Refugee

    Laugh??? No… Vomit??? Very much so.

    Hybrids are the dumbest idea, especially for sports cars. Automakers need to stand up to the EPA’s BS, and not knuckling under to useless and frivolous environmental crap.

    Enough is enough already. Sheesh.

  • Richard Joash Tan

    and you are a bullshit!!!!!!!!

  • AntareS

    Wow, you little imbecile. I LOVE sports/super cars, but they are the ones that have the biggest hit on the environment with their crazy gas consumption. And I’m talking about these cars in general, not the Corvette. There is a reason why something called Global Warming is happening, but maybe you’re too thick in the skull to realize the impact we’re having on the environment. Perhaps you’d think twice about not caring for “environmental crap”

  • Scypheroth

    hahah fucking gear heads…must be nice to have your wallets busting to pay for all that gas these dick replacement cars use….can i come work for u and make 1k a month to keep this crap car on the road? and that 1k is just in gas not to mention the 200 a month to plate it…

  • Benzy2

    It wouldn’t be far fetched to see something like the 300hp v6 from the Camaro added with a couple of electric motors that put the output somewhere over the 500hp mark with all systems at full WOT. I’d expect fuel consumption somewhere in the mid 40’s as well. Hybrid doesn’t have to mean gutless 3 cylinder along with lackluster electric motors. That 6 cylinder already gets low 30’s in the Camaro. Give it a boost with the electric system, run top of the line batteries to reduce weight and size, and it’s a system that most guys cruising in their vette wouldn’t notice as any way inferior. For the racer it’s unacceptable, but it seems many street car owners wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, myself included.

  • dubfun

    A hybrid doesn’t necessarily mean a Prius-like vehicle. Reducing the output of a gasoline engine for fuel economy and adding more power back through an electric motor(s) for an even more powerful vehicle with gobs of torque off the line? I’ll take that!! I’m not anywhere close to being an enviro-nazi, but it seems to be common sense that I could save money on petrol and have an even higher performance vehicle at the same time. It’s time that a lot of people got themselves out of the 19th century and started accepting technology that will be even better than what is currently in the ‘Vette. If you want to be a purist, buy a classic ‘Vette.