Cummins Diesel V8 Considered for Toyota Tundra

Cummins Diesel V8 Considered for Toyota Tundra

Recently, Nissan signed on board to equip its Titan pickup with the Cummins diesel V8 powerplant, and now Toyota is considering doing the same for its Tundra.

According to Rick LoFoso, corporate manager for light trucks at Toyota, “Cummins would bring instant name recognition and obviously they are a leader in diesel engine technology.” He elaborated that it wouldn’t be the first time the Japanese automaker has a tie up with somebody else, alluding to its collaborations with Tesla and BMW.

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The current 2014 Toyota Tundra base model comes with a 4.0-liter V6 with a five-speed automatic transmission nets 16 mpg in the city, and 20 mpg on the highway. The V8-powered Tundra, with a 5.7-liter engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, gets 13 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway. Undoubtedly, Toyota needs to find a way to improve the fuel efficiency on its Tundra pickup.

Both the Cummins diesel engine and hybrid technology is under consideration for its Tundra model, but the Japanese automaker has no timetable to make a decision.

[Source: Edmunds]

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  • Brad Brad

    Cummins or not, the Japs still can’t make a good truck.

  • Robby G

    You’re an idiot. Ever driven a Tundra. They’re rock solid and last forever.

  • Mikeelk

    I’m a Powerstroke fan but Tundra’s are incredibly well built. Adding a Hino and you have a million mile work horse. Have had bad experience with Cummins. Toyota would be better off keeping the quality in house.

  • Zman

    I agree with installing a Hino Diesel as they first talked about back in 2008 I believe. This would turn a good truck into a great truck!

  • Chris Miller

    Yeah I have an 07 and it has 250,000 miles and it is awesome.

  • Serpentine

    Bring the diesel Hilux to the US while you’re at it, please.

  • EndOfRepublic

    I’ve owned American trucks my whole life. Last straw was 06 F250 diesel. Biggest heap of to junk ever hit the side of the road. My ’12 Tundra pulls my 10k lb toy hauler well, alhough had to add a brake controller, and is…I’m sad to say…superior to American vehicles.

  • dragos

    What american vehicles are you referring to? The ones made in Mexico or Canada? or the Japanese truck made in Texas????

  • Lawrance Lee

    Seriously doubt Toyota would fit a Cummins 5.0 diesel V8 into the Tundra, when they have a twin turbo 4.5 litre V8 which is fitted to Land Cruisers for the Europe, Middle East and Australian markets. They would just use that motor instead in the Tundra.

  • MS

    I think the problem is our air quality standards, especially in California but in the US it is becoming difficult to keep the cost of a diesel down enough for people to buy them.

  • MS

    I have driven ford and chevy, that is why I own a tundra now and use it for work everyday. i would love to see a diesel, dont care who makes it as long as its not a power-stroke.

  • GAP

    Neither Toyota nor Nissan can go wrong with a Cummins Powered vehicle.

  • Jared Ellis

    If they’re going to throw in a diesel they better upgrade the axles. Time for Toyota to start making a straight axle again! If they release a truck with a straight axle front end and a diesel engine whether it be Cummins, Hino or their own Toyota diesel they will dominate the market!

  • Wally1

    I have been waiting for Toyota to market a Tacoma with 4 cylinder turbo diesel, still waiting. V8 diesel is a mistake for the Tundra, needs to be a straight six Turbo diesel, much better and simpler design for a heavy duty diesel engine. Easier cooling, easier to maintain, better balance crankshaft, Keep it simple toyota. .

  • Harry Myers

    Totally Agree. Lots of torque power with the inline straight. Longer strokes.

  • redram

    Toyota cant handle that type of power/torque

  • Rob

    I would be ecstatic of Toyota would come up with a diesel Tundra or Tacoma. Trade in my Tacoma in a heartbeat if that happened.

  • tc0nn

    It’s about time.. Now if I could just get that motor in a 3/4 or 1 ton version…

  • Spanky

    Exactly – who cares if you have a nice big diesel up front if you have a whimpy 1/2 ton truck behind it. I love my Tundra but come on Toyota – get some beef going!!!!!

  • cartman

    Hell with cummings. We want the small v8 that Catterpillaer built…..

  • C

    no “g” in Cummins, fucking moron!

  • jimmie58

    One “T” in Caterpillar, and no “a” after the ll. Just so long as we’re having a spelling lesson unless of course you’ve already had your ration for the night, then mispelling is the norm, congradulations. :-)

  • JT Dizzel

    It’s all about the 7.3 Powerstroke baby!!!
    But I’ll look forward to smelling some sweet diesel smoke in a Tundra.
    Wanna race?

  • Bobby

    Great a biodiesel toy I love it

  • Tim

    Would rather see a them put a clean diesel version of their own diesel v6 in the Tundra. I sold my last F350 to buy my tundra and will never buy another F350 or 3500 again.

  • aj

    cummins v8 you say? Why bother when Toyota already makes a v8 diesel? And has cummins even released said V8? Why not stick to the tried and true 6bt?

  • David A


    I have & love the Cummins 6BT (aka 5.9 CTD) in my 1997 Ram 4×4. 200k miles of total reliability & great economy.

    The main reason for it NOT making it into the Tundra would be length of the engine, just too long. The V8 would reduce length by 33%, roughly. Other than that one aspect, you’re correct the 5.9 / 6BT would be a super choice.

    I have another idea: why doesn’t Toyota take the 4BT – the lesser known 4 Cylinder ‘little brother twin’ Cummins turbo diesel – and just uprate & tweak the power output & use that in the Tundra ? Lots of guys do the 4BT Swap into Jeeps etc for offroad torque.

    Goofy thing is, the 4BT has mainly seen service in Frito Lay & Bread Delivery vans & so to grab one, you have to go to a used auction on those rigs & strip out the engine.

    For that matter, those of us who’ve longed for an affordable, high mph passenger or cargo van as why the heck Dodge hasn’t seen fit to fit that 4BT into their Ram van – the much loved, venrable B series, or even the 1500 half ton Ram Truck.

    You’d have a Tradesman, Passenger or Church Van that would get around 25-30 mpg, and a half-ton pickup on the high side of those #’s, using exisiting engines.

    I suspect the reason we’ve NOT seen that is a curious mix of Corporate Blindness, Inertia & Government meddling in Detroit.

    Don’t get me started….

  • jimmie58


  • fdsa

    We’ve been talking about this for 6 years, Toyota. I understand it takes time to come up with a plan of action and design schematic for a new engine, but the 4.5L as stated previously is already proven and just needs some emissions controls on it that are EPA friendly. Whats the friggin holdup?

  • Siamoutas

    I can’t believe Cummins would pair up with a foreign company, keep it in North America! And I don’t want to hear that Toyotas are made in America. American cars are not made in Japan, until then I want to see American cars paired with American engines only. And shame on the American car makers allowing other engines in their fleet. Jeep has no business putting a Mercedes under the hood And GM has no business putting an Isuzu under their hood. Let’s see a Cummins in the jeep Cherokee, One of the best SUV out there And a Detroit diesel under the GM hood. A lot of harm can come by putting a Cummins under a Toyota hood it will decrease the market share of the American SUV and pick up truck. The American carmakers should understand this but I guess it’s up to us to be more cautious of buying this odd pairing. It’s crap like this that creates a need for a government bail out to our carmakers!!!!!!

  • Josh

    UMMMM Don’t forget that Chrysler is now owned by Fiat…

  • jimmie58

    So now it remains to be seen if build quality will remain as before. I believe Chrystler was owned by Mercedes previosly and now both are a subsidiery of Fiat as is JI Case Co., New Holland, Fiat America, and many others.

  • GreasemonkeywithIQ

    None of us have forgotten, we just know that’s a stupid ass comment. So what if it is? The product is still American. The only thing Fiat does is use Dodge and Jeep platforms for their cars, and make money off of what Chrysler makes because they were able to buy into it. If you think Fiat has the slightest bit of a say in what Chrysler does in America, you shouldn’t be allowed to think at all.

  • redram

    Have you been a time warp? I agree with the built in America point of view but show me one US built auto that doesn’t have non-US parts. It comes down to competition, I think the DOE is having the biggest impact on sales in US of US built autos.

  • jc

    I used to own nothing but GM’s. I’ve owned multiple Suburban’s, Sierra’s and Silverado’s over the past 25 years. All that I can say is that everything in my garage now is Toyota because I got tired of getting burned on the unreliable garbage that GM has been rolling out for at least the last decade. When I paid $55k for a new LTZ Suburban and have factory wiring shorting out because of mis-routing issue, power window and lock issues, 4WD not disengaging, climate control system troubles, etc. within the first 20k miles, it’s time to walk away and buy something that you can just drive without all of the headache. THAT is the kind of crap that contributes to GM’s failures. So far my Tundra has 70k miles on it and all that I’ve done is tires, brakes and oil changes. Same goes for my wife’s Toyota Avalon that now has over 100k trouble free miles. Heck, I’m a farm raised, pick-up truck driving, patriotic American that appreciates American jobs, but I simply can’t afford to piss thousands and thousands of dollars out the window over patriotism. Get real!

  • jimmie58

    Toyo’s SUCK! I bought one new and at 9000 miles blew the tranny, took it back they rebuilt it and it blew again at 16000, again at 27000, again at 39000, at 59000 they told me they had the fix, yeah, engine oil pump drive shaft broke at 64000 and seized the motor but they fixed it for a minimal fee because I had so much trouble with the trans, but at least the trans lasted till 122000. That’s when I started thinking”HMMM do I have a lemon?” NAH, just a TOYO. By that time the bed was rotted off of it and the rear shock brackets on the frame rotted off too, brake front and rear been replaced at least a half dozen times and one set of tires. Never towed with it, never beat it just used it to and from work and an occassional hunting trip upstate. TOYOS SUCK!!! Would never buy another! I have a “99 RAM 2500 I bought new, 5.9, with 312000 on it right now have towed 3 sleds or 3 ATV’s to and Maine and back since it was new at least eight times per year 1200+ mile roundtrip, towed my Vermeer chipper up and down at various times, my boat and motor, and truck is always fully loaded and all it does is ask for more. I get 6 miles per gallon more than I ever got with the Toyo even with a much heavier load, tow&haul heavier, more room, holds more cargo, more comfortable, rides better, I can see better out of it and the insurance and registration fees are the same.
    When I started to get worried that it was getting old after three sets of tires, four brake jobs and many oil and filter changes I bought a new 2011 3500 SRW MEGA. I have 40000 on that now with a few oil changes and nothing else and the ’99 still purrs like a kitten. Bottom line, you like JAP crap move to Japan, your not helping the American auto industry nor are you getting the value you believe your getting.

    BTW, GM products are no measure for what’s out there and your jam at patriotism is uncalled for. You “get real!”

  • Dave Henry


  • Chadd07

    My cummins has a Mercedes transmission mounted to it. Your odd pairing doesn’t really have a leg to stand on. Dodge has been putting the g56 in it’s trucks since 06.

  • Dave Henry

    Perfect pairing, a V-cummins and a wimpy jap wagon. Goo Ruck!

  • jimmie58

    How you rika dat GI?

  • Dave Henry

    It’s sad the way that the typical American consumer thinks. Look at Detroit in comparison with Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Yes foreign auto buyers you built that!

  • jimmie58

    All too true.

  • Dave Henry

    I would drive a broken down 30 year old Buick before I would drive a brand new lexus.
    People these days don’t know the debt of gratitude that we owe to the US auto industry for their participation in WWII alone. Not to mention that it was the US auto industry that made this County what it was. But thanks NAFTA, and the flakes that drive “foreign” autos we have the economy that we have today.

  • jimmie58

    Wish I had a 30 YO Buick right now had a ’54 for a bit, Roadmaster straight eight, Dynaflo trans, great car. Yeah, we can thank the politicians in general for allowing unrestricted imports, takeovers by multinational corporations and the redistribution of profits to foreign corporations. We can also thank them for the poor emissions controls that appear in all our new vehicles as well as the resultant inefficiencies and higher fuel usage resulting in more emissions while they cry about the enviornment and the rest of the world laughs. Thank you.

  • Dave Henry

    Europe has been runnin’ oilers for decades, and I don’t recall reading about any regional warming over there (LOL).
    This is all part of a 100+ year old plot for global government. It’s almost finished.

  • jimmie58

    Can only hope.

  • tyler

    everyoine crying about products and buy american guess what, there was an american who sent idea’s to the big three to build better quality vehciles made with better parts just after world war 2, he expalined how beneficaialy it was to the companies. All the big three told him to fuck off. so dude went to japan introduced it to japanese automakers. They took it on and now japan has built a world class affordable, dependable, vehicles that maintain a high resale value. And honda basically employs most of central and northwest ohio(moved honda of america from cali to marysville/columbus area) in the automotive industry. kinda hard to want to buy from the big three when all there doing is shipping jobs overseas and foriegn automakers are shipping jobs to our country. Now you understand why its so hard to buy into our economy when the american worker has no choice but to work for somewhere that is paying them because our indutry sends jobs else where

  • Ram2500

    A bunch of you have no Idea. If you are looking to put the Cummins in any of the light duty (half ton) vehicles, major renovations have or had to take place. The new Cummins stock has 350hp 555ftlbs torque. Every part of a Light duty pick would have to be upgraded to handle these Parameters. Now from what I have heard, once the agreement was made by Nissan and Cummins a couple years ago the New Titan was put into development. That whole truck has been redesigned around handling this power plant while also maximizing fuel mileage. I just wonder if Dodge will be upset that this engine that they were part of developing is going to blow away the rest of the light duty truck market. Hp, Torgue and great fuel economy rating through a year of testing. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Please note if you goggle the Cummins V8 and V6 you will find that they were developed 7 years ago and I would not think that Cummins would not continue testing this engine to make it the best engine out there.

  • TIM


  • mk38tech

    its not tundra. its TOYOTA. if you havent figured out yet that TOYOTA is a jap company, then you should probably quit breathing and suffocate yourself. it does not matter what so ever where… the vehicle is built. the company…. is the one who receives the money

  • Crazy H

    Oh, they don’t pay American employees? The thousands that they employ?

  • jimmie58

    Yes, as little as they can get away with.

  • twk

    assembled dumb ass! all the profits still go to japan

  • Griffin

    For the JAPS…$$ goes to JAPAN…..and BTW, the V8 was developed as a LIGHT truck engine(grocery getter, soccer moms, and light towing) The Cummins 6CYL currently used by Dodge is from a MEDIUMHEAVY platform!!!

  • tyler

    it all depends on what you want if you want american made buy japenese cause literally toyota and honda are the most american made products in automotive. If you want american brand that’s the big three. which are mostly made in other coutries. Do you buy quality ir do buy into the econmoy?

  • Adam Grantz

    I had a chance to drive a 1.9 TDI powered tacoma access cab with 4wd and 5speed. even with a/c full blast it was still moving pretty darn well, if it wasnt for the knocking and whistle under the hood i would have thought it was a much bigger motor. details of the build where a W-series transmission,ALH motor with stock turbo and nozzle upgrade and a chip, and thats all. this had a average of 31mpg (jimbote is his name on the fourms)

    Whats this have to do with a cummins?
    Being that cummins is a diesel engine manufacure for all sizes and shapes of veihicles like the dodge ram or NPR trucks or the massive construction equitment to skidders. I think a fiat turbo diesel v6 in the ram 1500 or a v8 cummins would be nice option to the working man that needs that low end grunt for towing.And if a TDI in a little tacoma has such a great outcome then i think with a few extra gussets and heavier drivetrain this would be a great option to those that like the toyota designs and manufacting process of their products.

  • Bill

    Toyota put a 3.o Nitto diesel in a Tacoma based flatbed with a 5 ton rear end years ago as a test truck, it appeared in Motor Trend. The inquiries were unbelievable, why they never developed it was beyond me, that’s about the time I got out of Toyota’s and into Cummins powered vehicles.

  • charles culotta

    What they really need to make is a mid size truck with some balls, and some power for its size “in Diesel” like a Dodge dakota with a 4BT cummins in it, and a trans with enough speeds to get it going quickly, it would get grat mileage and have enough tow capacity for the ski boat and a medium fifth wheel, and enough torque to take most hills in 4×4, and the mileage would sell it as would the motor brand! I have said this for years, just as I did for the japanese trucks a small diesel in a smaller jap truck would dominate the smaller truck crowd, IF it was done right!

  • Tome

    In Europe the Toyota mid-size pick-up Hilux is Powered by a 3.0 R4-dieselengine performing 171 hp.

  • capt_ripple

    Start where the blame lies, that is the oil companies being in collusion wth auto manufacturers and their bought congress. The best thing Obama did was bailout GM, not only did we save the industry and made money but we forced new fuel mpg requirements… Anyone seen the new GM lineup and efficiency not to mention new diesel car, bravo even though wayyyy late you greedy bastards

  • getreal

    Best thing Obama did was to bail out GM? Get real!!! Save the industry and made money? Get your facts straight. The gov spend billions to bail them out and they still filed bankruptcy and lost the investors billions which the tax payer paid for. Made money? Sure they did because they scewed all the companies that they owed and filed bankruptcy and now have no bills. Do you know how many companies went out of business due that bk? And worst yet obama handed 16% of GM to the unions. They invested shit into it and got 16% and all the prior investors that lost billions and were offered a big fat zero. Bottom line is yes, GM is making money but what was lost it would take GM 50 years to pay it back with zero interest which will never happen.

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