Detroit Electric Delays Production of SP:01 Sports Car

Detroit Electric Delays Production of SP:01 Sports Car

Surprise! Detroit Electric is experiencing more delays in starting production on its SP:01 electric sports car.

The American automaker has not been able to finalize an agreement for a manufacturing facility in Wayne County, which is expected to have an annual production capacity of about 2,500 units and house over 100 workers. Detroit Electric had hoped to begin manufacturing this month, but with the current delays the start-date has been pushed back. The company hopes to resolve the issues within the next couple of weeks.

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Consisting of ex-Lotus Engineering Group executives, Detroit Electric has been brought back after seven decades and is supported by private investors. The American automaker hopes to sell 999 of its SP:01 sports cars in order to raise enough revenue to build a second model. It also recently entered into an agreement with China-based Geely Automobile Group.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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  • Aaron

    It looks exactly like the Tesla Roadster.

  • The Lone Wulf

    So, a car designed by the engineers that made the Lotus Elise looks like a car that was designed on the Lotus Elise chassis? Mind Blown!