Fisker Gets $25 Million Offer from German Investment Group

Fisker Gets $25 Million Offer from German Investment Group

Beleaguered American electric automaker Fisker still hasn’t found a suitable buyer, though that may have just changed.

According to a new report a German investment group is offering $25 million to buy Fisker.

Ever since Fisker Automotive lost its Department of Energy loan, the American automaker ceased producing vehicles. Then over 300 Karmas were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, and A123 Systems filed bankruptcy. Last April, 75 percent of its employees were laid off, making everyone wonder whether or not Fisker would just close its doors.

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Over the last couple of months, there has been interest from several potential buyers, but none have been able to reach an agreement with Fisker. The newest bid comes from German investment group Fritz Nols AG, who has offered $25 million. If that amount sounds low, it is, but it is $5 million more than VL Productions offered, which consists of ex-GM CEO Bob Lutz.

Currently, Fisker has an outstanding debt of $173 million owed to the U.S. government and a Karma vehicle hasn’t been built in over a year.

If the German investment group is successful in purchasing Fisker, it plans to produce around 2,500 Karmas per year. In addition, it would move forward with the Karma Surf and Karma Sunset, but the smaller and more affordable Atlantic wouldn’t be under consideration due to high costs.

[Source: De Telegraaf]

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