Ford S-Max Concept Monitors Passenger Health Status

Ford S-Max Concept Monitors Passenger Health Status

Ford’s minivan isn’t sold in the U.S., but when the brand debuts the new S-Max concept in a little over a week, it will preview the next step in its global design language. 

Updates include a heavily raked front end with an almost seamless transition between the hood and windshield. The grille and headlights also take on a smoother, more swept back look similar to the current Fusion sedan.

As is routine for concept cars, there’s plenty of outlandish technology to be found within. For example, Ford is showcasing new capability for its Sync system to pair with glucose monitoring devices. In doing that, it would alert parents if they have a child suffering a diabetic

The car will also be able to track a driver’s heart rate and record time consuming data that would otherwise be gathered at a medical center. In the event of an irregularity, the car would also be able to trigger active safety systems, call for help, or even take over entirely.

While looking after occupants like a virtual nurse would be helpful, the concept also features car-to-car communication to warn of potential crashes while leaving a parking space. Pre-collision systems will also help protect pedestrians and mitigate low-speed crashes. Cross-traffic alert systems will also be integrated with Ford’s “Active Park Assist” system to make automated parking safer.

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